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Financial Planning Month-October

October is Financial Planning Month

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New Research Quantifies Value of Long-Term-Care Insurance

By NAIFA on 12/11/14 1:11 PM

A new report from the American Council of Life Insurers (ACLI) finds that private long-term-care insurance (LTCI) can save Medicaid $47.7 billion and reduce consumers’ out-of-pocket expenses to pay for care by $69 billion. The report, “Who Will Pay for Our Long-Term Care,” also shows that women are at a higher risk of needing long-term care than men.

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3 min read

Many Fear Talking About Long-Term Care

By NAIFA on 12/5/14 10:32 AM

One out of every four adults would rather go to the dentist than talk about their long-term-care (LTC) or aging needs.

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2 min read

Selling Long-Term-Care Insurance Today

By NAIFA on 11/25/14 10:30 AM

My grandfather had a long-term-care event late in his life, which lasted for about five years.  Even at a young age, I saw how much this event affected not only my grandfather, but also our family and loved ones around him.  Because he didn’t have any long-term-care insurance coverage, you could see the strain it put on the family both emotionally and financially.  Unfortunately, when he was healthy enough to purchase long-term-care insurance, nobody talked to him about the solutions that were out there and how important they would be to him, should he ever have a need.

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2 min read

3 Steps to Grow Your LTCI Sales

By NAIFA on 11/6/14 11:12 AM

November is Long-Term-Care Awareness month, a time when the spotlight is on long-term-care insurance (LTCI) and the critical role it can play in your clients’ lives.

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Three Easy Ways to Start an LTCI Conversation

By NAIFA on 11/14/13 3:32 PM

November is Long-Term Care Insurance Awareness Month, making it the perfect time to reach out to your clients to start an LTCI conversation. And it’s not as hard as you might think.

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Planning for Long-Term Care

By NAIFA on 10/29/13 12:52 PM

Genworth's 2013 Beyond Dollars: A Way Forward study, highlights the fact that adequately planning for long-term care can potentially save money and reduce the stress that is faced by caregivers. In fact, families could save nearly $11,000 annually if long-term-care plans were made earlier.

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LTCI Industry Expected To Pay Billions in Claims by 2032

By NAIFA on 10/22/13 3:26 PM

The nation's long-term-care insurance companies are expected to pay $15 billion annually to policyholders a decade from now and more than twice that amount in 2032, when today's 60-year olds reach their 80s.

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LTCI Industry Pays $6.6 Billion in Benefits

By NAIFA on 6/3/13 11:00 AM

Some 264,000 individuals were receiving long-term-care insurance benefit payments as of December 31, 2012, according to a report from the American Association for Long Term Care Insurance.

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2 min read

Few Americans Own LTC Insurance

By NAIFA on 11/15/12 11:02 AM

According to recent research from the LIFE Foundation and LIMRA, paying for long-term care services is a top financial concern for the majority of consumers today; yet, few of them say that they own long-term-care insurance, the very product that can provide them with a financial safety net to help pay for their care. In fact, research from LIMRA indicates that less than two percent of consumers have an LTCI policy in force.

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November is Long-Term Care Insurance Awareness Month

By NAIFA on 11/1/12 4:38 PM

Seven out of 10 people aged 65 and over will require long-term care at some point during their lives, and more than 40 percent will need care in a nursing home, according to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

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