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AT- webinar series


Buying or Selling an Agency – A Focus on Medicare  

January 25 | 12 pm eastern

When considering growing your agency through acquisition or planning to sell or pass on your agency, there are several essential items to keep in mind. This webinar will consider an agency's emotional, organizational, and financial aspects in transition. 

Join Dan Mangus, VP of Growth and Development at Senior Marketing Specialists, as he guides you through the ins and outs of buying or selling an agency, and the top things you need to know when it comes to Medicare.

About Dan Mangus

Dan started his first insurance agency at 18 and has been passionate about educating others about their insurance choices ever since. Dan served as the President of his local Association of Life Underwriters by age 21 and went on to serve as the area Chairman for the Life Underwriter Training Council, and has been teaching Medicare courses at universities and keynoting national insurance conferences throughout his career.  In addition to regularly publishing articles in several industry magazines, he is a published author of a series of books entitled TalkingMEDICARE.

His current position is Vice President of Growth and Development with Senior Marketing Specialists, an Integrity Marketing Group company. His role is to help agents and agencies build successful and stable businesses as well as guide them through mergers and acquisitions, whether that succession is to someone in their current organization, a family member, or purchasing them through the Senior Marketing Specialists' career division.


Dan Mangus

Dan Mangus

Vice President of Growth and Development
Senior Marketing Specialists