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November Is Long-Term Care Awareness Month

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Rith Nou: Empowering with Financial Education and Planning

By NAIFA on 11/22/23 10:32 AM

Rith Nou, a dedicated and loyal member of  NAIFA since 2017, serves as a New York Life agent in Waltham, Massachusetts. InsuranceNewsNet magazine interviewed and featured Nou for an article in the magazine. She is deeply committed to aiding her community, especially the Cambodian population in Lowell and surrounding areas, in building secure financial futures. Drawing on her own experiences as a Cambodian immigrant born in a Thai refugee camp, Nou's work is driven by a deep understanding of the challenges faced by those with similar backgrounds. She emphasizes the importance of life and disability insurance in building a secure financial foundation. Nou's approach is tailored, aiming to address the unique needs and overcome financial trauma within diverse cultural groups. She is committed to bridging cultural gaps and clarifying misconceptions around financial products, ensuring her clients make informed decisions for their financial well-being.

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Manage Activity To Get Real Results

By NAIFA on 11/15/23 10:31 AM

Mickey Straub is a successful entrepreneur, renowned speaker, accomplished author, devoted patriot, and mayor emeritus. He is passionate about inspiring people to set audacious goals with short deadlines so they can achieve more and regret less. 

With 23 years of experience inspiring organizational success, Mickey provides the necessary resources to implement a goal-oriented, activity-based, and metric-driven performance management system. This system helps individuals and sales teams identify, manage, and measure high-payoff activities, enabling them to achieve their goals and steer their businesses in the right direction.

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Decoding Long-Term Care Insurance: Simplified Choices for Complex Needs

By NAIFA on 11/9/23 10:30 AM

As part of Long-Term care awareness month our latest spotlight highlights the insights from Tom Riekse’s article on Long-Term Care (LTC) insurance. He breaks down the often overwhelming array of options into manageable choices, guiding through the intricacies of health underwriting, product features, and funding strategies. To get the full breadth of Tom's expertise, read his in-depth article.

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It's Long-Term Care Awareness Month: Make Sure Your Clients Prepare for Any Eventuality

By NAIFA on 11/2/23 10:54 AM

November is National Long-Term Care Awareness Month and it is a great time to bring potential limited and extended care planning needs top-of-mind with your clients. It is important for every comprehensive financial plan to include LTC considerations. So even if LTC insurance is not your primary line of business, Long-Term Care Awareness Month gives you a good opportunity to get clients up to speed.

Topics: Long-Term Care Long-Term Care Insurance Limited & Extended Care Planning Center
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NAIFA Partner Asset+Map Holds Innovative FinTech Event

By NAIFA on 11/2/23 10:42 AM

Our partner at Asset+Map is holding an event this week that they're allowing all of our NAIFA members to attend! The innovative fintech event brings together thought leaders to provide product unveils and insights into how companies are innovating in the financial services space. Everyone is invited to attend and learn how agents and advisors are integrating in technology to up their client game and get to the "yes" faster. Tools such as Asset+Map allow advisors to quickly create customized visual diagrams of where the clients' assets are so that comprehensive financial planning can take place more quickly and easily. Being able to show a client's assets in pictorial form allows individuals to feel more confident and make elusive concepts such as "life insurance" or "home equity" money feel more tangible, more "real", and therefore, more in the clients' control to affect. We're proud to partner with Asset+Map and even more excited about that Asset+Map and Carroll Golden, Executive Director, of the Centers of Excellence and author of How Not to Pull Your Family Apart and How Not to Tear Your Family Apart are working together on a new stencil that will be available in the Asset+Map platform to allow advisors to better discuss long-term care and dignified living needs.


When: November 2nd and 3rd 
Time: 12:30 - 5:00 pm eastern
Check out the agenda and note that all registrants receive the recordings post-event so you can still register even after the event. 


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E4 Insurance Sevices Offers Weekly Industry Insights

By NAIFA on 10/31/23 5:44 PM

As a Financial Security Champion firm, E4 Insurance Services (E4IS) has a long history with NAIFA. It's no wonder that this firm was NAIFA's first Financial Security Champion with so many members of their team volunteering their time with NAIFA. E4IS President and Managing Partner, Dan Peterson, LLIF, LUTCF, FIC, and Vice President of Institutional Accounts, Steven Walker, CLTC, LUTCF, are both past presidents of NAIFA-North Dakota. Walker was also named one of NAIFA's Advisor Today's 4 Under 40 in 2021. Chief Distribution Officer and Managing Partner, Brendon DeRouin, CLU, ChFC, LACP, RICP is a two-time past president of NAIFA-Wisconsin. We are #NAIFA proud to have 50 members of their firm as NAIFA members through our Financial Security Champion program.

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Gear Up for 2024 with MassMutual Greater Houston's Leaders

By NAIFA on 10/31/23 1:01 PM

The end of 2023 is around the corner and it's vital to be prepped for what 2024 might bring. Who better to guide us than the seasoned leaders from MassMutual Greater Houston? On November 16 at 2 pm eastern, NAIFA is hosting J.K. McAndrews, CLU, the President & CEO, and Lena Allouche, the Chief Growth Officer, in an upcoming NAIFA Live session.

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Brian Steiner Returns to NAIFA as Executive Director of Life Happens

By NAIFA on 10/30/23 2:56 PM

NAIFA is pleased to announce that Brian Steiner has rejoined NAIFA as the Executive Director of Life Happens, the consumer arm of the association. Steiner previously served as NAIFA’s Vice President of Business Development and Strategic Partnerships from 2015-2021 and most recently as President of United Wealth Advisors Group.

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Joseph Schreck Is NAIFA’s 2023 Young Advisor Team Leader of the Year

By NAIFA on 10/27/23 8:20 AM

Joseph Schreck, CPFA, President at the Piedmont Group in Atlanta, GA, is the NAIFA Young Advisor Team Leader of the Year for 2023.  

Topics: Awards YAT Press Release Leaders
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Confident Compassion: How Corey Anderson Succeeded in Building a New DI Distribution Model

By NAIFA on 10/26/23 9:20 AM

Corey Anderson is an insurance agent specializing in counseling advisors on implementing insurance plans for disabled clients. As an industry leader, Corey is a frequently featured speaker at industry meetings on topics pertaining to disability insurance. He has served on the state and local NAIFA board for over 18 years, holding various roles, including president.


Topics: Disability Insurance Podcast





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