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AT- webinar series


Skate Where the Puck is Heading: Indexed Whole Life as Your Product of Choice

November 29th | 2 pm eastern

In this fast-paced webinar, Karl Kreunen showcases Ohio National’s new Prestige 10 Pay Indexed Whole Life policy. The discussion centers on why this product makes sense today and in the future with a quick overview of the internal workings of the policy. Additionally, this webinar includes a helpful demonstration of relevant sales applications for a multi-pay indexed whole life policy.

About Karl Kreunen

Karl Kreunen is a 30+ year industry veteran. He began his career as an agent with Prudential before joining the Ohio National home office in 1992. He has held various marketing positions in support of annuities, life insurance and Ohio National’s broker-dealer. He is most recently charged with promotion of all insurance products issued by the company.


Karl Kreunen
Maineville, OH
Vice President, Product Marketing, Ohio National Financial Services