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AT- webinar series


4 Life Insurance Opportunities You May Have Missed

December 8th | 2 pm eastern

While many advisors are well-equipped to help their clients evaluate their life insurance needs, some scenarios may call for outside-of-the-box solutions. 

Life insurance experts Ryan Mattern and Brandon Parry will walk attendees through four conversations where life insurance is commonly overlooked but can still play an important role in helping advisors secure their clients' futures. 

Attendees will get a hands-on lesson on how they can help their clients today from business owners to high-net-worth individuals using life insurance strategies.

Modern Life



About Ryan Mattern

Ryan leads advanced planning at Modern Life, where he is responsible for creating sales tools and working on planning for complex cases, ranging from asset maximization to premium financing, to help advisors deliver meaningful solutions to their clients. Prior to joining Modern Life, Ryan was the Director of Advanced Sales at Crump Life Insurance Services, where he worked for nearly two decades.

About Brandon Parry

Brandon is a Brokerage Manager at Modern Life, where he helps advisors find the right solutions for their clients, from the beginning of an opportunity through case design and illustration, to placement. Prior to joining Modern Life, Brandon worked at Crump Life Insurance Services for more than a decade.