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Jeremy Dopp

Jeremy Dopp

As the co-founder of MyLegacyLock.com, Jeremy is focused on helping Advisors & Insurance Professionals across the country implement the "LegacyLock Process" to help clients protect their legacy. Jeremy has trained and mentored thousands of advisors on how to build an organic practice that thrives on referrals. Jeremy lives in Queen Creek, Arizona, with his wife, Jennifer, who also works in the business, and their four daughters. The family travels every chance they get and loves experiencing new countries and cultures together. Jeremy is a sports fanatic, enjoys fishing, and is actively involved in his church.

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Your Plan for Your Clients' Estates, or the Government's?

By Jeremy Dopp on 8/31/20 12:57 PM

We can “if” ourselves to the point of ad nauseam given the events associated with the pandemic. No one can know for sure where this is going, nor what the outcomes are going to be.

Life is different in more ways than we may realize. Thinking that this will pass and we will return to the way things were, is not going to happen. We are witness to a change event that is and will continue to reshape our future. It’s chaotic and confusing and smart people are going to be taking advantage of what is inevitable.  

Success doesn’t just happen, it happens justly. The market is going to continue to produce people with money and a need to plan. New wealth is taking shape daily across America and overnight success stories are going to be born. Where there’s change, there’s an opportunity provided you are keen enough to identify and recognize it.

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