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We can “if” ourselves to the point of ad nauseam given the events associated with the pandemic. No one can know for sure where this is going, nor what the outcomes are going to be.

Life is different in more ways than we may realize. Thinking that this will pass and we will return to the way things were, is not going to happen. We are witness to a change event that is and will continue to reshape our future. It’s chaotic and confusing and smart people are going to be taking advantage of what is inevitable.  

Success doesn’t just happen, it happens justly. The market is going to continue to produce people with money and a need to plan. New wealth is taking shape daily across America and overnight success stories are going to be born. Where there’s change, there’s an opportunity provided you are keen enough to identify and recognize it.

My partner and I entered into thibusiness over 10 years ago as a result of seeing major changes coming. We saw the advent of transactional legal services coming mainstream via the internet, this includes estate planning. We saw the generational transfer of wealth amounting to over $50 trillion dollars leading to a tsunami hitting the government’s probate court system. We saw financial and insurance services making a significant push via internet applications that were going to be designed to interface with customers in a convenient and simple manner thereby lowering sales and administrative costs. Through experience and history, we knew that these changes equaled opportunity in a significant way provided we could create something that could catch the wave of change and ride it to success.

Mylegacylock.com was born. It took over two years and a significant amount of money to build what is now the leading cloud-based platform for comprehensive estate planning documents in America. It was built exclusively for financial and insurance professionals who could be “armed” with a unique sales process and not another “me too” strategy that says “my way is the best”. Professionals who would take the step and join us would be enabled to catch and ride the wave of success with us.

It worked and today we have men and women across America who have been empowered via our software platform to help thousands of individuals and families opt-out of the government’s probate court plan. If you understand the importance of having a will, living trust, and powers of attorneys over healthcare and finance even halfway, you know that there’s no contest when it comes to choosing our plan versus the government’s plan.

Educating existing clients is a sleeping giant in your closet right now. If you aren’t sure how to get it out of the closet, just ask us. Using our process as a way to attract new clients will automatically create opportunities for insurance, annuity, and other financial products you have to offer. A simple question on Facebook like “Do you need a Will or a Trust” will attract prospects.

Competition is going to become fierce going forward, you can count on it. If all you have to talk about is the “same ole same ole”, over time your relevance will diminish. People have more time now than ever and they are spending it in front of their computers and watching TV. The airways are going to be inundated with competitive commercial offers. Online competition is going to “jump out” with every click of the mouse. You are a smart person, surely you understand what I am saying.

Now is your time to pivot from old ways of doing business and dress your practice for success. Commit yourself to understand what it means to plan financially and leave an estate vulnerable to the government’s plan. The better you understand the consequences, the easier it’s going to be to communicate the urgency to others. It isn’t rocket science. In fact, it will be one of the easiest things you ever do.

The savvier the competition becomes by interfacing through online services to bring educational content to the masses, the more people are going to be waking up to what one of the realities of life means. Dying is guaranteed and with all the expert planning you have to offer, not making sure that your client’s estate is protected from the government’s plan is unacceptable. Believe me, leaving a client’s estate vulnerable to probate court can come back to haunt you down the road. When family members find out what could have been done to keep an estate private, they will be asking questions. With Mylegacylock.com, you will have the answers and tools for your clients.

Life is full of must-haves and there is no denying it. Powered by our exclusive sales process “The LegacyLock Process”, you will witness a game-changing evolution for you and every client you service. I’m not talking theory, we see it happening every day all across America.

Don’t let this great opportunity pass you by simply because you are too accustomed to “same ole same ole”. You have wings to fly in these uncertain times. People want to know now more than ever how to protect and pass on their legacy.




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