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Dr. Michelle Rozen Joins Keynote Line-Up During Apex 2022

By NAIFA on 4/19/22 6:09 PM

Dr. Michelle Rozen is a game-changing, revenue-building, performance-boosting change expert and NAIFA is excited to bring her to the main stage for Apex 2022. Her extensive expertise on how change works in the human mind, captivating storytelling,  and actionable takeaways will leave a lasting impact. Michelle will kick off day 2 of NAIFA's Apex Sales Summit at the Arizona Biltmore on August 17-18.

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Cody Askins Leads Off Apex 2022

By NAIFA on 4/13/22 6:43 PM

NAIFA's Apex is for hyper growth-focused advisors who are already succeeding and already driven to be among the best. That’s why we've got Cody Askins, founder of 8% Nation, kicking off NAIFA’s Apex as the opening keynote. For Cody, it all started at the age of 20 when he made $117,000 in the insurance industry while attending school full time and playing college basketball. His mission is to help agents and advisors to build skills and learn the necessary mindset to achieve any goal they set.

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Leveraging Strategic Alliances to Get More Referrals

By NAIFA on 9/25/14 2:08 PM

Here are five steps you can take to effectively leverage the relationships you have with your strategic alliances.

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Kick-Off to Disability Insurance Awareness Month

By NAIFA on 5/6/14 2:16 PM

Cancer is the leading reason employees stop working and take long-term disability leave, according to claims submitted to Unum, a provider of income insurance. Unum analyzes claims activity each year and shares results during Disability Insurance Awareness Month to help foster a better understanding of the value of DI insurance and other coverage.

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Communicating Face-to-Face? There's an App for That

By NAIFA on 4/9/14 1:27 PM


Technology for video-based applications has improved greatly in recent years.

Most people agree that face-to-face communication is ideal. Tone, gestures, facial expressions, vocal inflections and environment influence the meanings of our words to such an extent that to compensate for their absence within emails and texts, we've become accustomed to using emoticons, superfluous punctuation and other types of written emphasis to make our meanings clear.

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Social Media: A Marathon, Not a Sprint

By NAIFA on 2/25/14 9:22 AM

Pace yourself, train consistently and don't be afraid to ask others for help.
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How to Generate More Leads, More Clients and More Sales

By NAIFA on 2/6/14 1:42 PM

One of the most common challenges NAIFA members share is their need for more leads, more clients, and more sales.  Here are some insights that will help you achieve this goal.

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Becoming an Advisor to the Family

By NAIFA on 1/31/14 9:54 AM

Many advisors would like to serve as financial advisors to members of their family or family members of their clients, but do not know how. This process takes time, effort and careful nurturing of relationships. The following suggestions will help you break into this lucrative, but often difficult-to-penetrate market.
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Learning to "Celebritize Yourself" in Business

By NAIFA on 1/28/14 2:58 PM

The digital age has brought with it limitless sources of information and the chance to become noticed through the loudspeaker that is the Internet. But in an ever-increasing crowd, it's essential to know how to stand out.

That's what Marsha Friedman's book, "Celebritize Yourself: The Three Step Method to Increase Your Visibility and Explode Your Business," is about—creating a strong brand that transforms you into an industry celebrity.

"The term celebrity isn't just reserved for the stars we read about in the tabloids, but rather, it also refers to experts who are known for being at the top of their chosen fields, many times removed from movie and TV stars," Friedman says. "Whether you're a doctor, financial advisor, real estate broker or even a waiter, you can celebritize yourself."
Friedman focuses on three steps to accomplish this mission:
  • Write. Many celebrity experts, including Zig Ziglar and Suze Orman, started out as authors. Even if you do not consider yourself as a writer, Friedman suggests turning your ideas into a book to define yourself as an expert. There are many professionals that can assist you in the process, including ghostwriters, co-authors and copywriters. These services aren't always cheap, but they can propel your credibility to the next level.
  • Speak. It's also vital to spread the word about your industry knowledge, Friedman says. Use Internet platforms as well as real-life opportunities, such as speaking engagements, radio and TV interviews, to get your message out to anyone that will listen.
  • Sell. Achieving "celebrity status" makes selling your brand—and thusyourself—an easier task. But not all media pitches are the same. It's key to consistently evaluate and improve your pitch so that it stands a chance of being noticed, Friedman says. Ask yourself if your pitch would perk your owninterest.

When  you have become your brand and people trust what you say, people will become anxious for the opportunity to talk about your message.

"Celebrity is a powerful commodity; doors that were once closed can suddenly open," Friedman says. "People listen to what they ignored before. New business and money flows to you—not away from you. Most of all, people thank you for sharing your wisdom."
For more information and tips on this subject, visit  www.celebritizeyourself.com.
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Is Fear Keeping You Out of the Spotlight?

By NAIFA on 1/23/14 2:26 PM

These helpful hints will help you master your fear of public speaking.

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