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April Is National Financial Literacy Month

1 min read

Crack the Code of Booking Meetings with Ideal Clients on LinkedIn

By NAIFA on 6/4/23 4:30 PM

LinkedIn can be a powerful platform to help grow and establish your business, as well as get your foot in the door for booking meetings with prospects. However, coming up with an effective and efficient strategy can be hard to establish to make the jump from social media to booking a call.

Discover the secrets to LinkedIn prospecting success in the next Business Performance Center webinar on Wednesday, June 14 at 12 pm eastern. Join the Founder and CEO of NAIFA partner Hummingbird Growth & Automation, Bruno Nicoletti, as he helps you crack the code by unveiling his step-by-step process for booking 15 meetings a month on LinkedIn.

Topics: Prospecting Grow Your Business Social Media Business Performance Center LinkedIn NAIFA Partner
1 min read

Join Life Happens for a Special Twitter Chat During Life Insurance Awareness Month

By Life Happens on 8/18/21 12:13 PM

Join Life Happens for a Twitter Chat during Life Insurance Awareness Month. We’ll break down insights from the recent 2021 Insurance Barometer Study, conducted by Life Happens and LIMRA. Further, we’ll discuss how the industry as a whole can move the needle toward getting more Americans fully insured.

Topics: Life Insurance & Annuities Life Happens Life Insurance Awareness Month Social Media
1 min read

Insurers’ Use of Social Media Jumps

By NAIFA on 8/14/14 10:41 AM

A new LIMRA survey finds that 93 percent of life insurance companies had social media programs in place in 2013, up 55 percent from 2010 (when only 60 percent of companies used social media).

Topics: Grow Your Business LIMRA Social Media
3 min read

Mind Your (Online) Manners

By NAIFA on 7/24/14 10:05 AM

What you need to know about social media etiquette.
Topics: Grow Your Business Social Media
3 min read

How to Gain Strategic Insight from Digital Metrics

By NAIFA on 5/29/14 4:26 PM

Most social media metrics report tactical results, not strategic impacts that achieve objectives.

Few topics give executives more fits than choosing metrics—the counts, percentages and ratios that are supposed to measure the performance of digital marketing initiatives. The great majority of digital metrics put a number on tactical results—the things that campaigns encourage people to do, such as opening emails, clicking links, reading pages and viewing videos, posting and commenting, sharing, downloading content, installing apps, "liking," checking-in,"friending," connecting or following.

Topics: Grow Your Business Social Media
2 min read

Tempted to Buy Social Media Followers?

By NAIFA on 4/16/14 9:27 PM

If you get spam e-mails, you've probably seen subject lines like this:

Topics: Grow Your Business Social Media
3 min read

Social Media: A Marathon, Not a Sprint

By NAIFA on 2/25/14 9:22 AM

Pace yourself, train consistently and don't be afraid to ask others for help.
Topics: Sales Grow Your Business Social Media
1 min read

Insure Your Love - Download Campaign Materials Now

By NAIFA on 1/22/14 2:08 PM

People buy life insurance because they love someone and want to protect them financially. Life insurance is love insurance, which makes February--the month of love--the perfect time to reach out to consumers about their life insurance needs.

Topics: Life Insurance & Annuities Grow Your Business Life Insurance Awareness Month Social Media
1 min read

NAIFA 2013: Dr. Will Miller Discusses "Refrigerator Rights"

By Mark Briscoe on 9/29/13 1:19 PM

Psychologist Dr. Will Miller gave a thought-provoking and often hilarious presentation from the Main Stage at the 2013 NAIFA Career Conference and Annual Meeting in San Antonio this morning. Dr. Miller used the concept of “refrigerator rights” – a circle of friends and family close enough to an individual to comfortably go through the person’s refrigerator without asking – to illustrate how Americans have smaller social circles than ever before.

Topics: Grow Your Business Social Media

Podcast: Using Social Media to Enhance Your Web Site

By NAIFA on 3/12/13 10:25 AM

In this podcast, two Securities America, Inc. experts Kirk Hulett and Chris Hall explain how you can use social media to make your website work harder. Click here to download.

Topics: Grow Your Business Podcast Social Media





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