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June Is National Annuity
Awareness Month


1 min read

How to Succeed, No Matter What

By Rasha on 9/9/12 9:12 PM

Marvin LeBlanc, author of the Amazon bestseller "Come Hell or High Water: Life Lessons from Hurricane Katrina: Facing Life’s Greatest Challenges, No Matter What," inspired NAIFA conference-goers Sunday afternoon, Sept. 9, to succeed at life’s challenges and always be significant.

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2 min read

Howard Fineman on Politics: From the Top and the Inside

By Rasha on 9/9/12 4:31 PM

Howard Fineman, editorial director of The Huffington Post Media Group, shared with NAIFA members his insights on the upcoming presidential election and the state of politics.

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1 min read

February's National Insurance Awareness Campaign

By NAIFA on 1/31/12 12:07 PM

Valentine's Day is fast approaching, and keeping with the theme is the LIFE Foundation's national awareness campaign: Insure Your Love. The campaign is being heavily promoted and is designed to get consumers thinking about their need for life insurance.

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2 min read

Using LinkedIn to Generate Referrals

By Rasha on 10/11/11 7:57 PM

Identify prospects with this helpful social media tool.

By Bill Cates

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