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April Is National Financial Literacy Month

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How to Succeed, No Matter What

By Rasha on 9/9/12 9:12 PM

Marvin LeBlanc, author of the Amazon bestseller "Come Hell or High Water: Life Lessons from Hurricane Katrina: Facing Life’s Greatest Challenges, No Matter What," inspired NAIFA conference-goers Sunday afternoon, Sept. 9, to succeed at life’s challenges and always be significant.

LeBlanc, an insurance agent in Louisiana, lost his home, office and income in 2005 when Hurricane Katrina hit the state, yet he was able to keep his head high, overcome the challenges and achieved the coveted Chairman’s Circle two consecutive years following the aftermath.

“What do you do when you’re going through hell? Keep going through it.”

During his speech, he emphasized the importance of client connectivity (through traditional or modern, social media methods) and going above and beyond for the client.

“Big point: As practitioners, we must serve the underserved,” LeBlanc said.

LeBlanc reminded the audience, made up of insurance sale agents, that the root of the word ‘sale’ is ‘sellan,’ which means ‘to give.’

If the industry embraced that we were about giving, he said, we would be more successful at what we do.

LeBlanc also emphasized the importance of skills and attitude over knowledge, as you can apply any knowledge if you have the correct personal tools, and how you must continue reading and studying to broaden your mind.

Sadly, LeBlanc is leaving the conference early to assist with the outcome and damage of Hurricane Isaac, but he leaves us with this final thought: “It’s only going to get better if you do.”



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