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16 min read

Do You Want to be Accessible, Relevant, and Visible in 2023?

By Simon Reilly on 11/14/22 10:00 AM

Did Covid make you feel inaccessible, irrelevant, and invisible in 2020-2022? 
Has the new world economic disorder compounded how you may be feeling about being inaccessible, irrelevant, or invisible in 2023?

If there was a way to become accessible, relevant, and visible in 2023, would you do it?

Being accessible, relevant, and visible is all about your purpose.

Purpose is not a noun, a possession, person, place, or position but a verb that is an ever-expanding expression of your values.

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7 min read

Marketing to Create Relationships with HNW Clients’ Adult Children

By Simon Reilly on 5/16/22 1:00 PM

The essence of this blog is a result of me interviewing NAIFA chapter presidents and program chairs coast to coast and asking the following questions:

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4 min read

Creating Meaningful Relationships With HNW Clients’ Adult Children

By Simon Reilly on 4/26/22 10:00 AM

Many webinars and courses for financial advisors regularly talk about how to attract new clients. And while this is logical, it made me think: Instead of looking for new clients, why don't financial advisors create meaningful relationships with their HNW client's adult children? So, when their parents retire, they choose to keep them as advisors instead of finding someone new.

But you'll be surprised to know the statistics regarding advisors doing this. I've been polling advisors, and I hear 15-20% when I ask them how many of their HNW clients' adult children they have a meaningful relationship with.

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8 min read

Exempt vs. Non-Exempt: A Guide to White Collar Workers

By Insperity on 9/6/21 1:00 PM

How confident are you in your employee classifications and the process you use to categorize them? Do you really understand the differences between exempt vs. non-exempt classifications when it comes to your white-collar employees?

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3 min read

Why Advisors Should Attend the Congressional Conference

By NAIFA on 4/7/17 2:55 PM

Blake Finney is looking forward to attending the NAIFA Congressional Conference, which takes place May 23-24 in Washington, D.C. This will be the third time that the NAIFA YAT member, President of NAIFA-Middle Tennessee, and agent with Shelter Insurance will be attending this flagship event.

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1 min read

NAIFA President: DOL Delay a 'Step in Right Direction'

By NAIFA on 4/5/17 8:55 AM

NAIFA President Paul Dougherty issued the following statement on the DOL delay:

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1 min read

NAIFA's Congressional Conference Registration Is Open

By Mark Briscoe on 1/10/17 2:20 PM

Register Now

Registration for the May 23-24, 2017 NAIFA Congressional Conference is now open!

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1 min read

NAIFA-Florida president tells Gainesville Sun of industry impact of DOL rules, tax reform

By NAIFA on 6/22/16 10:05 AM

The DOL fiduciary rules “would disincentivize people to tax themselves through insurance premiums, and in the long run … there would be more families reliant on the government because they wouldn't have done the planning themselves,” NAIFA-Florida President Ron Whited told The Gainesville (Fla.) Sun in a June 19 profile.

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1 min read

Register for Dec. 15 INN Webinar on DOL Fiduciary Rule

By NAIFA on 12/10/15 11:45 AM

InsuranceNewsNet is hosting a one-time only live webinar on Tuesday, Dec. 15, 2015 at 12 PM EST. Join moderator Kim O’Brien and her guests, including NAIFA President Jules Gaudreau and NAIFA Director Judi Carsrud, to learn the potential impact the DOL rule will have on the businesses of agents and advisors.

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2 min read

NAIFA Confronts the Skeptics

By Mark Briscoe on 11/3/15 3:00 PM

One reason I truly admire NAIFA members is that you need a very thick skin to do your jobs. You and your colleagues are dedicated to serving your clients and ensuring the financial security of 75 million American families. Yet, whenever you are dealing with the finances of others you’re bound to encounter those skeptical of your motives.

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