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NAIFA Members Provide Financial Independence

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NAIFA-Florida president tells Gainesville Sun of industry impact of DOL rules, tax reform

By NAIFA on 6/22/16 10:05 AM

The DOL fiduciary rules “would disincentivize people to tax themselves through insurance premiums, and in the long run … there would be more families reliant on the government because they wouldn't have done the planning themselves,” NAIFA-Florida President Ron Whited told The Gainesville (Fla.) Sun in a June 19 profile.

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Register for Dec. 15 INN Webinar on DOL Fiduciary Rule

By NAIFA on 12/10/15 11:45 AM

InsuranceNewsNet is hosting a one-time only live webinar on Tuesday, Dec. 15, 2015 at 12 PM EST. Join moderator Kim O’Brien and her guests, including NAIFA President Jules Gaudreau and NAIFA Director Judi Carsrud, to learn the potential impact the DOL rule will have on the businesses of agents and advisors.

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NAIFA Confronts the Skeptics

By Mark Briscoe on 11/3/15 3:00 PM

One reason I truly admire NAIFA members is that you need a very thick skin to do your jobs. You and your colleagues are dedicated to serving your clients and ensuring the financial security of 75 million American families. Yet, whenever you are dealing with the finances of others you’re bound to encounter those skeptical of your motives.

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NAIFA GR Team Presents Legislative Forum at Conference

By Mark Briscoe on 10/5/15 11:20 AM

NAIFA is adapting its advocacy methods to better engage officials in Washington, both those who are elected to Congress and those appointed to regulatory posts, NAIFA Senior Vice President of Government Relations Diane Boyle told attendees of NAIFA's Legislative Forum at NAIFA's Career Conference and Annual Meeting.

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Are you a Wild West gunslinger? Help NAIFA set the record straight!

By NAIFA on 3/19/15 9:12 AM

Dear NAIFA Member,

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NAIFA-New York Works to Make Regulation 60 Less Burdensome

By NAIFA on 2/3/15 2:32 PM

Thanks largely to the lobbying efforts of NAIFA-New York State, the New York State Department of Finances has amended Regulation 60 to allow insurers to accept applications immediately and issue disclosures later, before the policy goes into effect.

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NAIFA Legislative Forum

By Mark Briscoe on 9/8/14 4:11 PM

The NAIFA Government Relations team provided their annual legislative update to attendees at NAIFA’s Career Conference and Annual Meeting.

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Cong Conf Webinar 2014

By NAIFA on 5/6/14 4:45 PM

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Tax Reform Plan Spotlights Urgent Need for NAIFA Members to Educate Their Lawmakers

By Mark Briscoe on 4/22/14 3:25 PM

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NAIFA Trustee Jill Judd Invites You to the NAIFA Congressional Conference

By NAIFA on 3/28/14 9:34 AM

NAIFA's premier grassroots event provides an opportunity to learn and make a difference.Register today!

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