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Financial Planning Month-October

October is Financial Planning Month

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NAIFA 2013: NAIFA's Legislative Forum

By Mark Briscoe on 9/30/13 12:56 PM

The NAIFA Government Relations Team today provided their annual update to members during the Legislative Forum of the 2013 NAIFA Career Conference and Annual Meeting in San Antonio.

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Why I Am in Washington, D.C.

By NAIFA on 4/10/13 10:28 AM

About 1,000 NAIFA members are taking advantage of the opportunity to be part of an important history-making event: NAIFA’s Congressional Conference. The meeting, currently under way in Washington, D.C., was organized by NAIFA to give members a platform to educate their lawmakers about the important role insurance plays in the lives of millions of Americans, and why it is imperative that tax reform does not make it more expensive or more difficult for Americans to purchase this valuable product.

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Preparing Members for Political Involvement

By NAIFA on 3/6/13 10:59 AM

Robert SmithNAIFA recently completed its PIC and PAC training for volunteer leaders in Washington, D.C., prior to Congressional meetings on Capitol Hill.

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NAIFA Members Ramp Up Their Political Involvement

By NAIFA on 2/1/13 12:01 PM

More than 150 members gathered in Washington Jan. 27-29 for NAIFA’s annual IFAPAC/APIC Training Meeting and Day on the Hill. They received a legislative briefing on issues facing Congress that could affect their businesses and their clients. Topping the list this year is tax reform and the potential threats it poses to life insurance and annuity products, employer-provided health care, and retirement savings programs.

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NAIFA Video Marks Upcoming 100-year Anniversary of Tax-Free Life Insurance Benefits

By NAIFA on 9/18/12 2:10 PM

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Legislative Forum: NAIFA Voices Matter

By Mark Briscoe on 9/10/12 3:45 PM


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Howard Fineman on Politics: From the Top and the Inside

By Rasha on 9/9/12 4:31 PM

Howard Fineman, editorial director of The Huffington Post Media Group, shared with NAIFA members his insights on the upcoming presidential election and the state of politics.

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NAIFA's Robert Miller on ‘Educating the SEC’

By NAIFA on 8/7/12 3:23 PM

"Since taking a sabbatical from his New York City-based firm and beginning his one-year term as NAIFA’s president last September, Miller figures he’ll have spent the better part of 300 days away from his home in New Canaan, Conn., taking care of NAIFA business."

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The Importance of COLI Best Practices

By NAIFA on 7/13/12 11:30 AM

A recent article in Forbes magazine points out the potential tax liabilities for companies that take out employer-owned life insurance, also known as corporate-owned life insurance (COLI), policies on employees without following notification and consent requirements laid out by federal law.

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NAIFA issues statement on Supreme Court Decision on healthcare reform

By NAIFA on 6/28/12 11:50 AM

Robert Miller, president of the National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors, issued the following statement concerning the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision to uphold the healthcare law.

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