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People buy life insurance because they love someone and want to protect them financially. Life insurance is love insurance, which makes February--the month of love--the perfect time to reach out to consumers about their life insurance needs.

The Insure Your Love campaign, coordinated by LIFE, allows you and your producers to use emotion or humor when reaching out to consumers about a topic that is most often approached in a serious or dry way.

Chose from dozens of resources: There's an Insure Your Love resource to meet every need--print, video and online--making it easy to pull together a great marketing campaign. Download the list of resources here.

Take advantage of social media: Love, humor and emotion all work well on social media, making it the perfect way to reach out to consumers during your campaign. LIFE has prepared a month of prewritten Facebook posts and tweets. This can also be passed on to producers. Download the Social-Media Content Guide here.

Normally, we present our campaign tools in an online format. However, we are in the final stages of redesigning our website and our members-only area. I think you're really going to like the final product, but until then, thanks for bearing with us!

Matt Derrick
Executive VP of Programs and Marketing
LIFE Foundation




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