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June Is National Annuity
Awareness Month


1 min read

The Nuts and Bolts of Estate Planning

By Rasha on 9/11/12 7:08 PM

Ike Trotter, financial advisor, spoke to NAIFA audience members about the importance and misconceptions of estate planning.

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1 min read

The Future of Wealth Management

By NAIFA on 3/22/12 5:30 PM

The vast majority of wealth managers plan to add more products through third-party offerings in the near future, according to a new report from Ernst & Young LLP.

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2 min read

Financial Advisors Optimistic for 2012

By NAIFA on 2/10/12 9:38 AM

After a strong start for the stock market in January, financial advisors have turned more optimistic about the market’s performance for 2012, according to a recent SEI Quick Poll.

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2 min read

Household Wealth Segment Shifts in the U.S.

By NAIFA on 2/5/12 10:20 AM

Hearts and Wallets has introduced a survey titled, Portrait of U.S. Household Wealth: Market Sizing, Segmentation and Product Ownership by Age, Assets, Lifestage and Behavioral Segment.

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