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June Is National Annuity
Awareness Month


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Employers Interested in Offering Voluntary Benefits

By NAIFA on 10/21/14 9:51 AM

A new LIMRA study finds that 7 in 10 employers offer voluntary benefits to improve the morale of their existing employees and attract and retain new talent.

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2 min read

Americans Staying on the Sideline

By NAIFA on 10/2/14 3:36 PM

The stock market might have rebounded since the financial crisis, but according to the latest COUNTRY Financial Security Index survey, many Americans are still wary of investing or simply are unable to get started. Just over half of Americans (51 percent) say they do not invest in the stock or bond markets in any way.

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Total Annuity Sales Improve in Second Quarter 2014

By NAIFA on 9/23/14 11:30 AM

Total U.S. annuity sales reached $61.4 billion in the second quarter of this year, improving eight percent from prior year, according to LIMRA Secure Retirement Institute. In the first six months of 2014, total U.S. annuity sales increased 10 percent, compared with sales in 2013.

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Middle America Not Saving Enough

By NAIFA on 6/18/14 11:01 AM

A recent LIMRA study has found that 57 percent of middle-market American households are not saving regularly. This number jumps to 69 percent for households with children who are under 18 years old.

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2 min read

Lower Cost Increases for Medical Plans

By NAIFA on 6/5/14 3:00 PM

Projected cost increases for all types of medical plans are anticipated to be down by between 0.1 and 0.5 percent in 2014, according to a survey by Buck Consultants. The survey notes that this continues the favorable trend of slow, steady declines generally experienced since 2010.

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Companies Struggle to Fill Positions in Financial Services

By NAIFA on 5/22/14 12:53 PM

Skills Gap Plays Key Role in Hiring Difficulties

Nearly half of financial- services companies are struggling to fill certain positions, but the reasons behind their recruiting challenges are nuanced, according to a new survey by MoneyJobs.com, CareerBuilder’s job site for finance and accounting professionals.

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2 min read

'If I Could Only Get Around to It'

By NAIFA on 5/20/14 2:59 PM

A recent blog entry in LIMRA’s Industry Trends: “If I Could Only Get Around to It” might help you motivate your prospects into making the critical decision to buy from you. The blog post appears below.

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May Is Disability Insurance Awareness Month

By NAIFA on 5/1/14 4:26 PM

May is Disability Insurance Awareness Month, the month-long campaign spearheaded by Life Happens to promote the benefits of disability income insurance among consumers. The DIAM campaign is the perfect platform you need to talk to your clients and prospects about this important coverage.

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2 min read

Sy Sternberg Named 2014 John Newton Russell Memorial Award Winner

By NAIFA on 4/30/14 9:22 AM

The life insurance industry’s highest honor will be presented at the NAIFA Career Conference and Annual Meeting in September as a tribute to his more than 40 years of service and contributions to the industry.

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2 min read

Millennials Go Old School

By NAIFA on 4/29/14 2:19 PM

It’s not just beards, butchers and bicycles that Millennials are bringing back. The youngest adults in America, aged 18-29, are also showing signs that they’re old souls in the way they manage their money.

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