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NAIFA’s Diversity Symposium Offers Platform for Advancing Diversity and Inclusion

By Olivia on 6/5/18 4:58 PM

For the financial-services executives who attended NAIFA’s second annual Diversity Symposium, the invitation-only event was a unique opportunity to connect, learn and grow. During the meeting held in conjunction with NAIFA’s 2018 Congressional Conference, they networked with experts and colleagues, shared best practices, and gained the critical insights they need to take their D&I initiatives to higher levels of success.

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2 min read

Stressed? You're Not Alone!

By Olivia on 5/7/18 3:27 PM

Unum is shining a light on common themes that stir up stress in people's lives and have the potential to cause serious consequences to a person's health and to a business’ bottom line.

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2 min read

Marc Silverman and Other Experts to Present at NAIFA’s Performance+ Purpose Conference

By Olivia on 2/16/18 3:01 PM

NAIFA members who are planning to attend the association’s 2018 Performance+ Purpose Conference are in for an experience they will never forget. The conference, which takes place September 13 to September 16 in San Antonio, promises to deliver everything that is on the wish-list of many attendees: a chance to give back to the community, unparalleled opportunities for networking, and top-notch presentations by some of the best speakers in the industry.

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2 min read

Official Call to Special Convention

By Olivia on 2/14/18 12:47 PM

NAIFA National Council Session to take place May 22 in conjunction with NAIFA Congressional Conference

From: Keith Gillies, CFP, CLU, ChFC, NAIFA President and
Kevin Mayeux, CAE, Chief Executive Officer
This memo serves as the official announcement of a special meeting of the NAIFA National Council as prescribed in Article X, Sections 2 & 4 of the Bylaws of the National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors. This special meeting will take place on Tuesday, May 22, 2018 at the Renaissance Washington, DC hotel prior to the NAIFA 2018 Congressional Conference. The purpose of this special meeting is for the National Council to consider the revision of the NAIFA national bylaws, as proposed by the NAIFA Board of Trustees, based on the recommendations of the NAIFA Quality Member Experience (QME) Task Force. This is the same proposal that was scheduled to be considered by the National Council at the NAIFA Performance + Purpose 2017 Conference which was cancelled due to Hurricane Irma. Click here for more information about the NAIFA QME Task Force and click here for more information about the proposed bylaws revision.Members who wish to act as voting delegates must register for and attend the NAIFA 2018 Congressional Conference. Click here to register. Delegates must be current active members of NAIFA and be confirmed by their state association leadership to serve as a delegate.

The special National Council Session will begin at 8:00 am on Tuesday, May 22. All delegates must arrive by 7:00 am, at least one hour prior to the session, to confirm their voting credentials prior to the session. Delegates must be present and credentialed prior to the session in order to vote.

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Guardian CEO Honored for Dedication to Project Renewal

By Olivia on 7/13/17 10:32 AM

Deanna Mulligan, President and CEO of Guardian, was recently honored by Project Renewal, a nonprofit organization that empowers homeless New Yorkers to renew their lives through comprehensive medical, housing and job programs.

Topics: People News
1 min read

Consumers with Advisors More Financially Prepared and Confident Than Do-It-Yourselfers

By Olivia on 7/11/17 9:54 AM

A study that was commissioned by MDRT and conducted online by Harris Poll found that 79 percent of Americans have never hired a financial planner. Thirty-eight percent of these consumers say it’s because they are capable of managing their finances alone.

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6 min read

NAIFA Hosts First Diversity Symposium

By Olivia on 6/8/17 10:11 AM

Participants at the Diversity Symposium
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John Hancock Teams Up with David Ortiz to Hit a Home Run in Retirement

By Olivia on 4/15/17 10:29 AM

Now that former Red Sox slugger David Ortiz has retired from a 20-year baseball career, he’s back to being a rookie – that is, a retirement rookie. This spring, instead of prepping for Opening Day, Ortiz is teaming up with John Hancock to navigate one of life’s biggest questions: What should I do now that I’m retired? This question is important because, as many advisors know, if you plan right for your retirement, you can do whatever you want.

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2 min read

How to Tap Into the Multi-Generational Goldmine

By Olivia on 3/16/17 11:21 AM

Over the next few decades, we’ll witness the largest wealth transfer in history. This isn’t the sale of a massive corporation or a newly discovered oil deposit. Instead, it’s the passing of more than $30 trillion from Baby Boomers to their children. Will you be the one providing them with advice?

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2 min read

Seven Steps to Success in 2017

By Olivia on 1/5/17 2:34 PM

It’s that time of year again to think about change, improvement, and new achievements for your company in the New Year. But we know from research that 92% of all New Year’s resolutions fail. So you might ask yourself: Why bother? However, instead of giving up, you should make resolutions in a more effective way. There are many reasons why business resolutions fail. Having studied and worked with successful companies for over three decades, I know there are some secrets for success. So to get your company off to a great start, consider these tips:

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