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NAIFA Members Provide Financial Independence

In celebration of Financial Literacy Month, Life Happens has created a social media toolkit of posts and graphics available to all members who utilize their social media platforms to raise awareness of the importance of financial literacy. The images are co-branded with both the NAIFA and Life Happens logos.

Financial Literacy Month serves as a reminder of the need for ongoing consumer education in the financial space. Financial professionals play an important role in raising awareness and encouraging individuals to prioritize their financial well-being and seek out resources to improve their knowledge and skills.

Financial Literacy Month also serves as an opportunity to advocate for policy changes aimed at improving financial education and access to financial services. NAIFA chapters have leveraged their political grassroots influence to encourage state laws adding personal finance courses to high school graduation requirements. Students are required to have basic proficiencies in math, English, science, and other subjects. Not only does this provide them a base of knowledge as they face the prospects of making their own personal finance decisions, but it also could build enthusiasm and encourage some to pursue insurance and financial services as a career.

As we recognize the importance of raising consumer awareness to build a more financially literate society, consider leveraging the resources provided by Life Happens this month and throughout the year. Coming up: Disability Insurance Awareness Month (May) and Life Insurance Awareness Month (September). Past: Insure Your Love (February).



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