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May Is Disability Insurance Awareness Month

Mike Paffhausen’s journey from a civil engineering graduate to the owner of the Mike Paffhausen State Farm Agency in Butte, Montana, is a tale of finding one's true calling beyond the confines of traditional career paths. His transition into the insurance sector was largely influenced by his desire to help others navigate their financial lives, a passion ignited by a book on financial literacy he received upon graduating from Carroll College. This newfound purpose led him to leave a budding career in engineering to join the family legacy at State Farm, driven by the dream of making a tangible difference in people’s lives through financial services. Eventually, this led him to take over a State Farm agency, where he utilizes his engineering skills in systematic planning and problem-solving to assist his clients through their toughest days. His dedication and impact in the field were recognized when he became a 2023 Advisor Today 4 under 40 award winner which highlighted his contributions to the industry and his community. 

Beyond the professional success Paffhausen's commitment to financial literacy didn't stop with his clients. Paffhausen is actively involved with NAIFA and as the 2022 state president of NAIFA-Montana saw him spearheading a campaign to mandate a financial literacy course for high school students in Montana. This initiative, borne from his own realization of the lack of financial education in schools, showcases his commitment to empowering the next generation with essential financial skills. Through NAIFA, Paffhausen has been instrumental in turning this vision into law, ensuring that future high school graduates in Montana are equipped with the knowledge to make informed financial decisions.

Paffhausen's story is not just about a career shift but a profound journey towards making a difference in the community through financial education and literacy. His efforts highlight the importance of personal finance knowledge and the significant role professionals in our industry can play in advocating for educational reform. Read the full story of Mike Paffhausen’s journey and his impact on financial literacy education, on Insurance News Net.



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