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Zack Huels

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It's NAIFA Week at Ameritas!

By Zack Huels on 11/2/20 4:01 PM

Today kickstarts NAIFA week at Ameritas. We are excited to continue to build on an already strong partnership. NAIFA looks forward to onboarding all of Ameritas's Growth Leaders and expanding our collaboration to include advocacy training for these future leaders. Ameritas has a rich history of leadership at all levels of NAIFA, including national Past-President Keith Gillies, and it's exciting to work together to expand that legacy!
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Advisor Ambassador Profile: Camille Tan (NAIFA-IL)

By Zack Huels on 10/22/20 11:39 AM

Camille Tan is an advisor with Strategic Financial Group and has been a loyal member since 2004.

Camille has been involved in the insurance industry since 2003 and is an advisor in the Naperville area. She is part of a team of professionals including her father and cousin.  As a graduate of Benedictine University, she actively uses her background in Psychology and Business to build strong lifelong client relationships.  She also does consulting work with other insurance professionals to help structure their practice, increase productivity, and identify staffing needs.

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YAT Leaders Host Advisor Ambassador Networking Sessions

By Zack Huels on 10/13/20 4:40 PM

Recently, the Advisor Ambassador Program was recognized by ASAE and received a Silver Power of A Award for going above and beyond our organization's mission. To celebrate, we've started a new format for the class. We will be holding two live networking sessions this month with members of the Young Advisor Team. 

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Advisor Ambassador Profile: Blake Gillies

By Zack Huels on 9/17/20 1:59 PM

Blake Gillies is an advisor with Acacia Financial Group and has been a loyal NAIFA member since 2012. 

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NAIFA Celebrates Our Affinity Partners On Sept. 15

By Zack Huels on 9/15/20 2:00 PM

Affinity Partner Program Offers Members Discounts

Did you know that NAIFA partners with companies that can help members save money for their business and in their daily life?

3 min read

Dispelling Life Insurance Myths in the African American Community

By Zack Huels on 7/31/20 2:56 PM

Consumers have a lot of misconceptions about life insurance, which may prevent them from purchasing the protection they need for themselves and their loved ones. During a recent Life Happens webinar, NAIFA Trustee, Delvin Joyce of Prosperity Wealth Group, LLC, and an advisor at Prudential Financial, and Kristen Hall Eskew, Director of Talent Acquisition at Consolidated Planning Inc., shared five myths that are prevalent in the African American community and offered some helpful hints for dispelling them.



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