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In the vast landscape of legal careers, Cynthia's journey stands out as a testament to the power of following one's passions and finding fulfillment in helping others navigate complex legal landscapes.

Graduating from Drake Law School, Cynthia embarked on a career that defied norms. She ventured into private practice straight out of law school, a bold move that set the tone for her path. 

Her transition into employment law marked a pivotal moment in her career. Embracing her passion for teaching, Cynthia found joy in educating others on labor and employment law. This passion led her to establish herself as an adjunct professor, teaching online courses and sharing her expertise with aspiring professionals.

Recognizing the need for specialized legal services in elder law and estate planning, she delved into these areas, uncovering the profound impact of her work on individuals and families facing daunting legal challenges.

What sets Cynthia apart is her unwavering commitment to her clients' well-being. In a field often associated with conflict and adversarial relationships, Cynthia prioritizes empathy and understanding. For her, the greatest reward lies in the gratitude of clients who find solace and support in her guidance.

Beyond her legal practice, Cynthia is a passionate advocate for education and community engagement. Her dedication to teaching reflects her belief in the power of knowledge to empower individuals and shape communities.

As Cynthia reflects on her journey, she recognizes the importance of embracing opportunities and staying true to one's passions. Her advice to aspiring legal professionals echoes her own experience: follow your heart, seek out opportunities that resonate with your values, and never underestimate the impact of your work on those you serve.




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