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Financial Planning Month-October

October is Financial Planning Month

2 min read

Top 5 Happiness Tips for Business and Sales Professionals

By NAIFA on 12/11/12 2:47 PM

Certain keys, while applicable to everyone in creating a life of long-term happiness, are particularly relevant to the sales professional. They provide fertile ground on which to not only increase one's happiness, but to maximize the efficacy of one's sales efforts as well.  The top five happiness tips are:

Topics: Sales Grow Your Business
1 min read

The 10 Most Overlooked Insurance Coverages

By NAIFA on 11/29/12 9:29 AM

Most insurance professionals are familiar with reviewing their clients’ auto, homeowners and business insurance policies. But what about other types of insurance that may not be up-to-date and may not be considered, such as identity theft, loan/lease gap coverage, or back-up of sewers and drains?

Topics: Sales MembershipPays
1 min read

No Retirement Planning for One-Third of U.S. Women

By NAIFA on 11/28/12 2:31 PM

Although women are more concerned about the potential risks they face in retirement than men, a new study by LIMRA found that fewer women had completed any of the basic retirement-planning activities, such as determining expenses and income, calculating assets, etc. Thirty-two percent of women said they had done no retirement planning.

Topics: Sales Retirement Grow Your Business LIMRA
2 min read

Tap into the Power of Thanks

By NAIFA on 11/21/12 9:34 AM

In many organizations, employees go through their days assuming that their coworkers, and especially their bosses, don’t notice or appreciate all of the hard work that they do. If that’s the way they feel, employees won’t have any true motivation or dedication, and productivity will be mediocre at best.

Topics: Sales Grow Your Business
2 min read

Mining for Sales

By NAIFA on 11/20/12 11:46 AM

If your disability income sales are not coming in as fast as you would like them to, don’t despair. The following idea by Ryan Petersen with Petersen International Underwriters will help you get more of your existing clients to sign on the dotted line.

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2 min read

Few Americans Own LTC Insurance

By NAIFA on 11/15/12 11:02 AM

According to recent research from the LIFE Foundation and LIMRA, paying for long-term care services is a top financial concern for the majority of consumers today; yet, few of them say that they own long-term-care insurance, the very product that can provide them with a financial safety net to help pay for their care. In fact, research from LIMRA indicates that less than two percent of consumers have an LTCI policy in force.

Topics: Sales Grow Your Business industry news LTCI
3 min read

5 Things Great Leaders Do

By NAIFA on 10/31/12 10:33 AM

While there are several things to consider when asking yourself how you are doing, it’s prudent to focus on your attitudes and behaviors. These are the biggest differentiators between great leaders and failing leaders because they demonstrate the four core emotional intelligence metrics: Self-Awareness, Self-Management, Social Awareness, and Relationship Management.

Topics: Sales Grow Your Business leadership
3 min read

Classically Trained

By NAIFA on 10/9/12 3:11 PM

Top Producers Know This: Character, Persistence and a Great Sense of Humor Never Go Out of Style

Topics: Sales Grow Your Business NAIFA
3 min read

Current Tax and Year-End Insurance Planning Opportunities

By NAIFA on 10/2/12 11:11 AM

As the end of the year approaches, advisors and their clients are facing a lot of uncertainty. The $5 million estate-tax exemption and 35 percent maximum estate-tax rate are set to expire in 2013, there will be a new tax on investments for high-income earners as part of the Affordable Care Act, and the political landscape is volatile.

Topics: Sales Grow Your Business
1 min read

The Profile of an LTCI Buyer

By NAIFA on 9/25/12 2:01 PM

First-hand experience with the challenges of financing long-term care for loved ones, as well as testimonials of hardship resulting from a long-term-care event, are the primary motivators for purchasing long-term-care insurance, but consumers are hungry for more education on this type of coverage, according to recent research from Mutual of Omaha.

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