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June Is National Annuity Awareness Month

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NAIFA Welcomes New Member Gregory Fat

By The Bancorp on 3/1/23 10:00 AM

While attending college, Gregory Fat had an opportunity to intern with a financial advisor and saw firsthand how advisors play an essential role and are an extension of the families they work with. Throughout his internship, he helped form complex trusts, developed estate plans, and ensured appropriate insurance coverage for high-net-worth families. To provide the best possible outcomes for clients, Fat understood that he had to become an expert on the vast landscape of financial products and tools available within the industry.

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1 min read

NAIFA Welcomes New Member John Profitlich

By The Bancorp on 2/20/23 10:00 AM

With almost 30 years in financial services, there is one aspect of the industry that John Profitlich understands very well: every day is a new market. This key understanding is what keeps him motivated to deliver customized banking and lending solutions to financial professionals as Director and Northeast Regional Business Development Officer for The Bancorp Institutional Banking business.

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NAIFA Welcomes New Member Dustin Carnevale

By The Bancorp on 2/13/23 10:00 AM

Though Dustin Carnevale’s career did not begin in the financial industry, he always found himself extremely interested in monitoring the market and keeping up with financial news. It was only when he became involved in financial literacy education efforts through his earlier professional roles that his eyes were opened to the need for trained, objective fiduciaries to help those who are not sure where to start achieving their financial goals. This helped drive Carnevale to leave his established career in marketing and pursue his interest in finances to help fill a gap in the industry where his communication skills were needed and valued.  

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NAIFA Welcomes New Member Derek Glitz

By The Bancorp on 2/6/23 10:00 AM

If you ask Derek Glitz what he likes most about working in financial services, he’ll answer that it’s the people he works with. Specifically, he enjoys assisting financial advisors and insurance agents to reach their maximum potential and help their clients realize their retirement dreams.

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2 min read

Meet Loyal NAIFA Member Abdullah Rajput

By The Bancorp on 1/25/23 10:00 AM

If you ask Abdullah Rajput what motivates him to excel in financial services, he’ll tell you it’s his clients. “The interaction I have with my clients is my favorite part of my job. Many of my clients have turned into friends, which drives me to provide the best service in the industry.”

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NAIFA Welcomes New Member Dave Gannett 

By The Bancorp on 1/16/23 10:00 AM

Entering the financial services industry in 2006, Dave Gannett quickly adapted and enjoyed working with other financial professionals by providing them with various investment vehicles and equipping financial advisors with information that helps benefit their clients. Eventually, he found himself serving as an advisor, focusing on global wealth and investment management.

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