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May Is Disability Insurance Awareness Month

While attending college, Gregory Fat had an opportunity to intern with a financial advisor and saw firsthand how advisors play an essential role and are an extension of the families they work with. Throughout his internship, he helped form complex trusts, developed estate plans, and ensured appropriate insurance coverage for high-net-worth families. To provide the best possible outcomes for clients, Fat understood that he had to become an expert on the vast landscape of financial products and tools available within the industry.

After graduating from university, Fat joined a large investment firm in the Philadelphia area, where he worked with financial advisors to create strategies for clients and provided practice management advice to advisors who were looking to grow their businesses. His experience led him to join the Institutional Banking team at The Bancorp Inc., where he continues to work with advisors and insurance agents to help provide their clients with access to unique planning techniques and lending programs. His focus within Institutional Banking includes Securities-Backed Line of Credit (SBLOC) and Insurance-Backed Line of Credit (IBLOC) programs, and the Advisor Financing Program, in which he helps provide financing and other assistance to financial advisors who are looking to acquire or sell a book of business.

When working with financial advisors and their clients, Fat says his favorite part is helping educate others in a way that helps them reach their financial goals. “I often say, I don’t just help customers open accounts and assign account numbers. Rather, I help everyday folks buy homes, grow their businesses, help family members get through college, and much more.” And hearing about the positive outcomes that stem from his guidance is what Fat finds to be the most rewarding part of working in the industry.

Through his NAIFA membership, Fat hopes to open the doors to new ideas, new relationships, and a wealth of information on government relations and upcoming regulations in the industry. Having attended several NAIFA meetings in the past, he has found them to be extremely informative on a wide variety of topics by presenters on the leading edge of new products and services. He appreciates that the organization actively promotes the sharing of knowledge and collegiality within the industry. “If you’re not an expert on a certain topic, there are members of NAIFA who are willing and able to help. This community and its forward-looking outlook on our industry, as well as support from our company, helped me decide to join.”

Outside of the financial industry, Fat remains passionate and involved. Recently, he participated in fundraisers and benefit concerts to raise money for those affected by the war in Ukraine and is spending time with community leaders and public servants to raise attention to the current and future needs of the children affected by the conflict. He is also a member of UNICEF’s Leadership Circle, which recognizes individuals who play a role in their lifesaving work.

Even in his free time, Fat enjoys gaining new perspectives and getting out of his everyday comfort zone through travel. Through several scholarships and other unique opportunities throughout his life, he has visited over 25 countries and traveled to all major continents. Fat recently attained his MBA through the Temple University Executive MBA Program in Philadelphia. He hopes to use the knowledge and skills gained to enhance his business conversation with clients and business partners.

Thank you, Gregory, for your hard work and dedication. We look forward to a bright future in the association for you and are #NAIFAproud to call you one of our own.



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