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NAIFA Members Provide Financial Independence

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Life Happens DIAM Resources Are Available for NAIFA Members

By NAIFA on 5/9/24 9:33 AM

May is Disability Insurance Awareness Month (DIAM), a national awareness campaign that NAIFA’s consumer division Life Happens created and coordinates each year. This awareness campaign is critical because 4 in 10 people of working age are “extremely concerned” about being able to support themselves if an illness or injury were to keep them out of work, according to the 2023 Insurance Barometer Study by Life Happens and LIMRA.

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Confident Compassion: How Corey Anderson Succeeded in Building a New DI Distribution Model

By NAIFA on 10/26/23 9:20 AM

Corey Anderson is an insurance agent specializing in counseling advisors on implementing insurance plans for disabled clients. As an industry leader, Corey is a frequently featured speaker at industry meetings on topics pertaining to disability insurance. He has served on the state and local NAIFA board for over 18 years, holding various roles, including president.


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NAIFA's Cordaro Says Gig Workers Are a Good Market for DI, but Getting the Right Information Is Key

By NAIFA on 5/11/23 8:00 AM

During Disability Insurance Awareness Month, InsuranceNewsNet features an article from NAIFA member Rick Cordaro, DIA, DIF, LUTCF®. In the article, Rick shares insights into the intricacies of protecting gig economy workers with disability insurance. 

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Disability Insurance Helps Safeguard Retirement Savings, Research Shows

By NAIFA on 5/27/22 2:00 PM

New research from LIMRA and Life Happens, almost a quarter of Americans say they would dip into their retirement savings if they experienced a disability. But between tax penalties and loss of the opportunity for compounding interest, an early withdrawal can do more harm than good.

Topics: Disability Insurance Retirement Planning Financial Planning Planning in Advance Retirement Research/Trends
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NAIFA Is Proud to Support Disability Insurance Awareness Month

By Ronan Friend on 5/26/22 3:53 PM

NAIFA is pleased to join our members and industry partners, including Life Happens, to commemorate May as Disability Insurance Awareness Month (DIAM). Disability insurance is an essential part of a solid financial plan and DIAM is a great opportunity to start educating your clients and prospects about the importance of disability insurance coverage. 

Topics: Disability Insurance Research/Trends Insurance Disability Insurance Awareness Month
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Meet Loyal NAIFA Member Bruce Palmieri 

By Ronan Friend on 4/22/22 10:00 AM

When Bruce Palmieri, CLU®, ChFC®, CFP®, applied for a life insurance policy in 1990, he didn’t expect to find a career—but that’s just what happened. His Northwestern Mutual advisor recruited him into the business and, over 30 years later, Palmieri is a stalwart of the insurance and financial services industry.

Serving Main Street USA

Palmieri primarily works with clients who are looking to retire soon and want to make sure they have their finances in order. He helps them plan for the future, delving into the details of their retirement accounts, employee benefits, life insurance, long-term care planning and more. By taking a holistic approach to each client’s unique circumstances, he’s able to help them build a strategy that works for them.

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Workplace Life, DI, and Supplemental Health Sales Increased in 2021

By LIMRA on 4/6/22 2:48 PM

Increased demand for insurance products driven by raised awareness due to COVID-19 and a tight labor market.

New annualized premium for workplace life insurance, disability insurance and supplemental health products rose in 2021, according to LIMRA’s workplace benefits sales surveys.

“The year ended strong for workplace benefits sales, particularly life insurance, which recorded double-digit growth in the fourth quarter and the year,” said Patrick Leary, corporate vice president and director of LIMRA’s workplace benefits research program. “Insurance benefits remain a high priority for employees. New LIMRA research shows more than a quarter of workers list non-medical insurance benefits as one of the top five factors they consider when evaluating potential employers. As a result, employers have focused on benefits as a critical element of their recruiting and retention strategies. This played out with strong benefit sales in 2021.”

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Helping Clients Understand the True Value of Disability Insurance

By NAIFA on 12/23/20 1:35 PM

With the current economic and health challenges in the United States, many consumers are concerned about making sure that they can protect themselves and their families from the unexpected.

Topics: Disability Insurance Advisor Today
3 min read

Individual Disability Insurance for Younger Professionals

By NAIFA on 5/13/20 1:50 PM

Many young professionals are in need of individual disability income (DI) insurance, but they may not know it. In an article in the 2019 March/April issue of Advisor Today, Chris Coy, regional director with The Standard, shares three important points you can use to start the conversation about Individual disability income insurance with your clients.

Young professionals have made substantial investments in their careers. Professionals beginning their careers in fields that require extensive schooling and advanced degrees, or who have a high potential for above-average earnings over their lifetime, have already made a significant investment in their future by the time they reach their mid to late 20s. Many are likely carrying large student loan debts and don’t have much savings. For these individuals, protecting future income is important to ensure they can maintain their lifestyles and pay off loans in the event of a disability that leaves them unable to work for a period of time.

Topics: Disability Insurance DIAM Disability Insurance Awareness Month
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Educating Clients and Prospects About DI Insurance

By NAIFA on 5/8/20 5:31 PM

Disability income (DI) insurance is one of the most overlooked financial products by consumers, although for most of them, the ability to earn an income is their most valuable financial asset. Many agents face numerous objections when they ask their clients and prospects to buy DI insurance.

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