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NAIFA Members Serve Main Street

Kevin Mayeux, in his CEO report to NAIFA’s Performance + Purpose conference, told attendees how reforms implemented on January 1, 2019, have been a gamechanger, making NAIFA a more nimble and forward-looking association better able to provide all its members a high-quality membership experience.

The new NAIFA is re-establishing a culture of membership that existed when stalwarts like NAIFA Past President Terry Headly came into the industry. The association is leveraging technology to ensure everyone is engages and involved and has access to all of NAIFA’s potent educational, advocacy, and networking benefits.

“We live on our mobile devices,” Mayeux said, and then asked: “How many of you are looking at your phones right now? It’s okay, it’s what we do. If mobile is how you do business, it’s how NAIFA does business, too. We are there, providing programs and information you need to get the most out of your membership.”

“No longer is the value of your NAIFA membership determined by where you live,” Mayeux said. “Hyatt Erstad in Idaho, John Richardson in Tennessee, and Connie Golleher in suburban Washington, D.C., all get the maximum value from their NAIFA memberships and share a similar quality membership experience.”

The new NAIFA is gathering more and more attention and interest from people and organizations in the industry.

“Our partners in the industry are talking about us, too,” he said. “They are excited by what they see, and they are seeking us out to work with us. Groups like the ACLI, NAILBA, WIFS, NAAIA, FSP, LAAIA and others choose to work with us on the most crucial advocacy issues affecting you and our industry. They see NAIFA’s advocacy success. They see how we are strengthening our association. They know that NAIFA gets things done.”

Mayeux concluded that with changes and growth over the past year and a solid base of dedicated members who are spreading a new culture of membership, no challenge will ever be too great.

“Together we can take on anything,” he said.



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