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May Is Disability Insurance Awareness Month

In the rapidly evolving health insurance sales landscape, efficient process management poses significant challenges for Field Marketing Organizations (FMOs) and Brokerage General Agencies (BGAs). Enrollment, quoting, customer management and engagement, and commissions are handled by disparate platforms that lack communication and may not be tailored to the industry's specific needs.

A comprehensive health insurance sales solution has the potential to be a game-changer in the industry, revolutionizing operations and saving valuable time and resources. This article explores the benefits of adopting such a solution and how it can enhance productivity, reduce costs, and improve overall performance.

An Enterprise Solution for Sales, Marketing, and Member Engagement

Trusty.care is a powerful enterprise sales, marketing, and member engagement platform designed for the health insurance ecosystem of insurers, distributors, and members. With a focus on member satisfaction and payment integrity, the platform employs a modular approach to cover the entire sales journey. These modules can function independently, but their true potential is unlocked when used together, ensuring seamless data flow between all components. Additionally, Trusty.care's platform is highly configurable and can coexist with legacy applications.

 Streamlined Quoting and Direct Enrollment

The Trusty Select Pro module provides Direct Enrollment, Blue Button 2.0 technology (syncing CMS data), Instant Plan and Drug Reviews, automated (or manual) SOAs, and HRA capabilities. This automation expedites the creation and submission of customer profiles and applications, reducing paperwork and accelerating the sales cycle. By reducing manual data entry and minimizing errors, the Trusty Select Pro module ensures accurate quotes and streamlined enrollment.

Commissions Reconciliation with Advanced Reporting and Analytics: The Backbone of Business Accuracy

A comprehensive sales solution must empower FMOs and BGAs with robust reporting and analytics capabilities. Accuracy in commission payouts and access to these analytics that support your business are critical components of success.

Trusty Back Office Pro is a commissions module that helps ease the pain of complicated insurance payouts and the overhead that goes with it. This software targets back-office tasks with seamless automation, reduces the manual work required with commissions, and gives users the ability to track their active book of business.Trusty Back Office Pro provides meaningful reporting on sales, disenrollment, and campaigns, and manages payments to hierarchical structures. It is the only platform built to solve the complexity of paying out commissions from the point of view of both the carrier and broker and this connected system drives growth through flowing, un-siloed data.Configurable data analytics can identify counties to target, efficacy of campaigns, and more.

Proactive Customer Communication and Engagement

The only engagement platform that leverages the broker and engages other trusted care providers, the Trusty Connect Pro customer management and retention module facilitates proactive and personalized communication with customers. With Trusty Connect Pro, customer contact begins at the point of sale, starting the relationship off right, helping members get ahead of surprises. By engaging with customers regularly and keeping them informed, FMOs, BGAs, and the carriers they serve can improve customer satisfaction and loyalty. Moreover, the solution gathers insights and identifies areas for improvement, allowing entities to tailor their services to better meet clients' needs and communication preferences. Trusty Connect Pro onboards and rewards customers for taking health-improving actions utilizing campaigns, surveys, and incentive programs.

Security and Compliance

In the insurance industry, compliance with regulatory requirements is crucial. Trusty.care's comprehensive solution includes built-in compliance features, ensuring FMOs and BGAs remain in adherence to ever-changing regulations. Automated documentation generation, call recording, and storage enable quick retrieval of records, reducing the administrative burden associated with compliance and allowing entities to allocate their resources more effectively.

Stay Ahead and Thrive

The adoption of a 360-degree health insurance sales solution can be transformative. By simplifying lead management, streamlining quoting and enrollment, and providing advanced reporting and analytics, and activating and engaging the customer in ongoing behaviors, these entities can save valuable time and resources. The resulting increase in operational efficiency leads to improved sales performance, higher customer satisfaction rates, and ultimately, increased profitability. In the highly complex and competitive landscape of health insurance sales, embracing technology and comprehensive solutions is key to staying ahead and thriving in the industry. To learn more you can contact Trusty.care by visiting https://www.trusty.care/findoutmore.



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