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Lifesaver Beach

June Is National Annuity Awareness Month

Congratulations to the 86 NAIFA members who have been recognized by Forbes magazine in its list of the Top Financial Security Professionals in the United States. NAIFA members stand out from the crowd, adhering to NAIFA's Code of Ethics and differentiating themselves by providing top-notch financial services.

We are #NAIFAproud of:

  • Christopher Warren, Lawless, Edwards & Warren Wealth Management, Boca Raton, Florida
  • Steve Braun, Northwestern Mutual, Chicago, Illinois
  • Vincent D'Addona, Strategies for Wealth, Lido Beach, New York
  • Paul Ludacka, Northwestern Mutual, Omaha, Nebraska
  • Mark Kull, Northwestern Mutual, Louisville, Kentucky
  • Wendy Edwards, New York Life, Lake Success, New York
  • Randy Lehman, Northwestern Mutual, Fort Wayne, Indiana
  • Amy Jamrog, The Jamrog Group, Holyoke, Massachusetts
  • Alison Flaum, New York Life, San Antonio, Texas
  • Matt Carothers, Northwestern Mutual, Columbus, Indiana
  • Christie Mueller, New York Life, Edmonds, Washington
  • Elizabeth Brooks, Allstate Financial Services, Saint Petersburg, Florida
  • Joel Field III, Field Financial Strategies, New York, New York
  • Tina Dandry-Mayes, New York Life, Marrero, Louisiana
  • Andrew Rasmussen, Northwestern Mutual, Athens, Georgia
  • Sahand Elmtalab, M&E Catalyst Group, Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • Travis Gerhard, New York Life, Meridian, Idaho
  • Robert Petrocelli, New York Life, New York, New York
  • Greg Large, Lenox Advisors, New York, New York
  • Scott Ashline, Northwestern Mutual, La Jolla, California
  • William Beynon, Capital Wealth Advisors, Naples, Florida
  • David Simkowitz, SimkowitzCo, Brooklyn, New York
  • Matthew Lipscomb, Ashford Advisors, Atlanta, Georgia
  • Rick Paulsen, New York Life, Stockton, California
  • Adam Herzing, New York Life, Lake Forest, California
  • Todd McClure, Northwestern Mutual, Zionsville, Indiana
  • J. Dave Hunter, Financial Designs, Denver, Colorado
  • Julia Hsiao, New York Life, Cupertino, California
  • Raul Tavdy, Northwestern Mutual, New York, New York
  • John Adams, Northwestern Mutual, Akron, Ohio
  • Donald Lippencott, New York Life, East Setauket, New York
  • Jarrod Hirschfeld, Wilcox Financial, Toledo, Ohio
  • Barry Boscoe, Brighton Advisory Group, Encino, California
  • Daniel Chang, New York Life, Brea, California
  • Marc Silverman, Silverman Financial, Miami, Florida
  • Tammy Plotkin-Oren, New York Life, Berkeley, California
  • Kristen Gulbran, New York Life, Bellevue, Washington
  • John Riebling, New York Life, Long Valley, New Jersey
  • Nicholas Rogers, New York Life, Yakima, Washington
  • Mark Cecil, United Wealth Advisors Group, Rockville, Maryland
  • Barrett Ethington, New York Life, Draper, Utah
  • Xin Wang, New York Life, Houston, Texas
  • Jason Blomgren, Lincoln Financial, Clive, Iowa
  • Chad Courtois, New York Life, New Iberia, Louisiana
  • Ryan Saunders, Northwestern Mutual, Charlotte, North Carolina
  • John Becker, Prudential Financial, Melbourne, Florida
  • Kirk Quaschnick, New York Life, Frisco, Texas
  • Brady Knight, Winged Keel Group, Houston, Texas
  • Leonard Raskin, Raskin Global, Hunt Valley, Maryland
  • Dharmesh Goel, New York Life, Downers Grove, Illinois
  • James Adkins, New York Life, Bethesda, Maryland
  • Kenneth Knox, Tenzing Insurance Strategies, Needham, Massachusetts
  • Christopher Battersby, New York Life, Boston, Massachusetts
  • Todd Purich, New York Life, Raleigh, North Carolina
  • Ajay Parikh, New York Life, Artesia, California
  • Glen Golish, G Wealth Strategies, Boca Raton, Florida
  • Sam Laorenza, Northwestern Mutual, Woburn, Massachusetts
  • Jason Giorgio, Pacific Advisors, Poway, California
  • Barry Finkelstein, New York Life, Deerfield, Illinois
  • David McGuire, New York Life, Medway, Massachusetts
  • K.C. Mink, The Partners Group, Portland, Oregon
  • Marc Mandell, New York Life, Houston, Texas
  • Delynn Alexander, Northwestern Mutual, Durham, North Carolina
  • Christopher McClure, Lincoln Financial, San Ramon, California
  • Steven Taub, New York Life, Deerfield, Illinois
  • Jonathan T. Viscounte, Prudential Financial, Dresher, Pennsylvania
  • Tom McCarty, New York Life, Walterboro, South Carolina
  • Matt Henderson, Henderson Financial Group, Tulsa, Oklahoma
  • Wendy Feldman, New York Life, Chandler, Arkansas
  • Guy Baker, BTA Advisory Group, Irvine, California
  • Benjamin Bruins, Lincoln Financial, Clive, Iowa
  • Brian Stanley, Northwestern Mutual, South Bend, Indiana
  • Joel Barjenbruch, JS Financial, Lincoln, Nebraska
  • Roger McDowell, New York Life, Kennewick, Washington
  • Bryan Krupin, Krupin Partners, Beverly Hills, California
  • Gregory Shelton, New York Life, Covington, Louisiana
  • Mike McGinley, Northwestern Mutual, Indianapolis, Indiana
  • Hershey Mittelman, New York Life, Brooklyn, New York
  • John Klich, Northwestern Mutual, Schaumburg, Illinois
  • Melvin Pope III, Financial Partners of North Florida, Tallahassee, Florida
  • Bradley Burton, New York Life, Vienna, Virginia
  • Brian Walsh, Walsh & Nicholson Financial Group, Wayne, Pennsylvania
  • John Coates, Jr., New York Life, Nabb, Indiana
  • Steven Schwartz, TDC Investment Advisory, Houston, Texas
  • Thomas Fay, Stone Point Financial Group, Glenview, Illinois
  • Warren Poirier, New York Life, Prince George, Virginia



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