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June Is National Annuity Awareness Month

Earlier this year, I encountered a remarkable AI tool with transformative capabilities. This tool can seamlessly import various documents, such as a PDF of an IUL illustration, and then empower users to enact changes effortlessly. With just a simple click of a button labeled "Analyze with AI," it initiates a swift process of recalculations, adjusting parameters like premium, face amount, load amount, and credit rating. Within moments, users witness a comprehensive comparison between the original illustration and the updated version, highlighting all alterations. What's truly astonishing is the elimination of the tedious back-and-forth with carrier software for rerunning illustrations; instead, this tool offers instant results with an impressive 99% accuracy rate in predictive calculations. Moreover, it facilitates the creation of Inforce ledgers without the need to procure them from the Life Carrier.

Upon witnessing a demonstration of this software, I immediately recognized its potential value and resolved to integrate it into the AI tool my company, InsurTech Express, is developing: "InsurTech Navigator AI." Our comprehensive AI solution offers access to the latest news and insights on insurance technology, grants entry to carrier agent portals, provides discounts for industry events, offers PDF summarization capabilities, generates images, and much more—all for a nominal fee of $12 per month. Additionally, subscribers receive a complimentary version of Proforce AI Ledger.

To explore further and sign up for InsurTech Navigator AI, click here: https://ienavigator.ai/. Let's delve deeper into the features and benefits of Proforce:

There’s no doubt that AI can be helpful on a number of different levels. For example, AI can be used to more effectively navigate information, analyze data, draw conclusions, generate content, automate tasks and even code software. And that’s powerful. Maybe even groundbreaking. But as of this date, at least from my perspective, the impact of AI on the way insurance purchasing decisions are made has been incidental at best. That’s all about to change — in a good way.

Proforce AI was just released as a low-cost, online decision-making tool for life insurance advisors that leverages AI to make instant yet accurate what-if predictions from a single source illustration. It works with any life insurance, LTC, disability or annuity file in any format — pdf, csv, xls, xlsx. In fact, it even works with advanced planning spreadsheets, allowing advisors to make lightning-fast, on-the-fly adjustments to proposals, saving hours of time.

Importantly, this innovative technology can be accessed by anyone for free for an unlimited period of time. So I see Proforce as a potentially game-changing, untapped industry resource that could very well remap the financial planning, renewal management and sales landscapes.

Understanding Proforce

Proforce was invented by long-time insurance innovator Robert Strauss, JD, and the patent is registered to Proforce Ledger, Inc., a company owned by Mr. Strauss and Chris Jacob, CFP. For technical info, see Patent Number US 11,790,459 for “AI-based ledger predictions”. Proforce is available for free or low-cost paid subscription at https://proforce.ai.

Proforce examines and memorizes the patterns or trends of numbers that are built into any ledger. It then uses a combination of mathematical algorithms and ensemble-based AI to predict new outcomes from any changes entered by the user. Imagine a dynamic illustration system or spreadsheet that intelligently changes all the numbers whenever the user changes any single value. 

As a result, Proforce allows you to quickly explore alternative “what-if” scenarios in milliseconds from any browser on any device. For example, you might want to know what the premium would be if the death benefit or surrender value grew to a certain amount at a certain age. Or maybe you want to solve for a specific retirement income. Or perhaps you’d like to stress test an illustration by skipping or changing premiums, or by throwing in some 0% crediting years. Just as easily, you can make predictions based on the original pdf illustrations of policies already placed in force. The process is simple, and the results are shockingly accurate.

Proforce can even make predictions on numbers that do not come from insurance illustrations. For example, you can import a premium financing spreadsheet into Proforce and re-project all numbers (including illustration numbers) based on a desired collateral amount or interest payment. There is little Proforce cannot do because Proforce does not reverse engineer any illustration system. Rather, it makes predictions based on number patterns and accordingly works with any ledger that trends over time.

Industry Impact

It did not take long for Proforce to catch the attention of insurance marketing organizations, software companies and other industry leaders. For example, Proforce recently announced an upcoming integration with Insmark, adding predictive capabilities that will work in both directions (i.e., make predictions to illustrations that seamlessly transfer to Insmark, or make predictions on Insmark results by sending them directly to Proforce).

Similarly, Proforce will be integrated with Navigator AI, a revolutionary new insurance navigation tool and content hub being launched by InsurTech Express. From your Navigator AI account, you will be able to explore Proforce for free using a single sign-on experience (without separate registration).


In order to get the most from this incredibly innovative prediction tool, it is important to understand what Proforce is and what it is not. Proforce is a way to quickly explore new scenarios and make fast decisions. Proforce is not an illustration system. The numbers are predictions of what illustration systems would generate and accuracy is impressive. But Proforce does not replace compliant illustrations. In fact, you will need an actual illustration to begin making predictions, and you will also need an actual illustration to accompany any final client-facing prediction. The strength of Proforce is that it makes the journey from the first illustration to the last illustration a breeze. Proforce is available today at https://proforce.ai. I recommend you sign up for a live demonstration. After just a few minutes, you’ll be a prediction pro.



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