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American National’s Jarod Morgan has dedicated his career to protecting families and businesses in his community in Henderson, Nevada.

Morgan decided he wanted to work in sales in the financial services industry while studying business administration and marketing in college, but it didn’t hit home for him until his parents set him up with an appointment with their insurance agent to get life insurance. He was young and healthy and didn’t see a need for life insurance, but he went anyway, and the conversation helped shape his career for the next two decades and counting.

What It Takes to Succeed

Morgan believes that an insurance agent needs to be likable, trustworthy, caring, and determined, and that goal setting is essential. He's learned from training other agents that striving for a personal best, a company trip or an award can help stave off complacency, which is vital in an industry where families’ protection is on the line. Awards like the NAIFA Quality Award (NQA) as well as qualifying for the Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT) help agents and advisors strive to succeed. At American National’s annual awards ceremony, NQA and MDRT qualifiers are recognized publicly and presented with ribbons. "I always felt those with the most ribbons are the most admirable,” he begins. “So, I'm always trying to earn as many ribbons as possible.”

Two benefits of his career, Morgan says, are the time and financial freedom it offers, and spending time with his family is a top priority. He and his now-wife, Iva, planned to get married in July 2020, but the COVID-19 pandemic threw a wrench in their plans. In just a few months, they had to adjust their plans to accommodate ever-changing circumstances. Morgan credits the tools he developed in the insurance industry with making the July 2020 wedding a success, saying, “It taught me a lot about being vigorous, treating people with respect and not taking no for an answer, which I feel like my insurance skills really helped me negotiate.”

Protecting What Matters

Morgan is a multiline agent and sells a wide variety of products. With changing economic conditions and legal requirements, a dip in sales of one product can mean a rise in sales of another. Morgan works with people from all walks of life but especially likes helping business owners. “When you’re a business owner,” he says, “your focus is your business. For everything else, you lean on professionals to assist you.”

As a managing agent, Morgan trains and mentors his fellow agents in addition to providing insurance to main street Americans. “I love being a part of agent development and helping agents make their goals and dreams come true.” One of the most fulfilling aspects of his job is knowing that he’s protecting lives, he says: “I have that intrinsic feeling of good that I did protecting families when I provided them with coverage they didn’t have, offering peace of mind.

The Value of NAIFA

The importance of joining NAIFA was one of the first things Morgan learned when he got into the insurance industry. His manager told his agents that he’d put a hold on their commissions checks if they didn’t sign up for NAIFA. “It made all the sense in the world,” Morgan begins. “How many associations are really looking out for agents in our careers and our longevity in this career and looking out for the consumers as well?”

From events with top-tier speakers to continuing education courses to networking opportunities, Morgan takes full advantage of NAIFA’s member benefits. He credits NAIFA with helping him increase his level of professionalism. “It's nice to be around other professionals from other companies, backgrounds, and focuses and to be able to network and hear from those other agents and really come together,” he says. He also notes that NAIFA’s continuing education courses are much more immersive and interesting than taking an online course.

Morgan is passionate about the work NAIFA does in advocating for the future of the industry. "[NAIFA] is the association that is at the front lines lobbying every single time,” he begins. “You want to support the association that's looking out for your well-being looking out for your career.”

Outside of the Office 

In his free time, Morgan loves spending time outdoors and is equally comfortable in the open air of the Rocky Mountains or the sandy shores of Californian beaches. He’s an avid snowboarder and took up golfing when he joined the insurance industry. He also loves traveling and enjoys European vacations as well as trips to Utah for winter sports. He and his wife now have a 10-month-old daughter, Laya, and are excited to continue growing their family.

Thank you, Morgan, for your service to our industry and association. We’re #NAIFAproud to call you one of our own.



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