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I Love NAIFA Month Hero


February Is I Love NAIFA Month

Peg Fraser began her career in insurance and financial services selling health insurance part-time, but she soon found the same question coming up again and again from her clients. They asked if she could help with other types of insurance and financial planning. She wanted to do more. So, when she got the opportunity to work with COUNTRY Financial in 2008, she embraced the challenge. She got licensed and “careered” with COUNTRY, joining an elite group of financial service professionals within the company, just four years later.

Making a Difference 

Fraser credits her success to having extraordinarily strong relationships with her colleagues at COUNTRY and taking extraordinarily good care of her clients. She works in tandem with professionals of all kinds—from underwriters to customer service specialists to administrative staff. Investing in those relationships helps Fraser provide the best possible experience for her clients.

When she first sits down with a client, Fraser conducts a comprehensive insurance and financial review to uncover their unmet needs. Whether they need to create a retirement plan, set aside money for college tuition, or craft a plan to help them start a business, she and her clients work together to assemble the best plan for their situations.

While many refer to a life insurance payout as a “death check,” Fraser calls it a “life check.” She talks about delivering her first life check. With that check, her client’s family was able to fix up his house and get it ready to sell. They were able to grieve without worrying about their financial security. Life checks have helped Fraser’s clients’ families stay in their homes and spend more time with their children instead of having to pick up a second job.

The Power of Political Advocacy 

From the day she joined NAIFA, Fraser has been all in. She’s participated in NAIFA-IA's Day on the Hill and attended every NAIFA Congressional Conference and National Leadership Conference since becoming a NAIFA member. She talks about the importance of political advocacy, saying, “One look at Congressional [legislation] this year—and the number of issues that we are facing as financial advisors and insurance agents—tells me how important it is to support [IFAPAC], to be extraordinarily supportive and involved as a member of NAIFA, and to recognize that, in consortium with our NAIFA staff, we're able to be a conduit when we reach out to our representatives, both in the Senate and the House.”

The Value of NAIFA 

Since joining NAIFA in 2012, Fraser has served in several leadership positions, including as NAIFA-IA Convention Chair, NAIFA-Eastern Iowa Board Chair, and NAIFA-Iowa City Past President. She’s an avid supporter of NAIFA’s political action committee (IFAPAC) and a Financial Security Advocate.

Through NAIFA, Fraser earned her Financial Services Certified Professional (FSCP) designation and graduated from NAIFA’s Leadership in Life Institute (LILI).  The connections she’s made with fellow members have been invaluable in her career, says Fraser. “[If I were not a NAIFA member], I would not have at my fingertips some of the finest individuals on the planet who work outside my company,” she begins. “There are times in which, were it not for that level of support, I would not really know where to turn. I'm very fortunate to have landed at COUNTRY and been able to participate in all the areas of NAIFA I've been involved with. It's just been an absolutely wonderful ride.”

Outside of the Office 

Fraser is an avid golfer and loves traveling to Cabo in the winter. She also volunteers with several organizations in her community. She is a Trustee for the Marion Independent School District Foundation and serves on its scholarship committee, personnel committee, and golf committee. She also serves as Chair of the Johnson County Resource Enhancement Committee and is a director for the African American Museum of Iowa's History Makers Gala.

Thank you, Peg, for your service to our industry and association. We’re #NAIFAproud to call you one of our own.



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