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NAIFA Members Serve Main Street

NAIFA’s New Mexico chapter has proven to be a strong promoter of NAIFA, whether it be through social media or events, this chapter does it all. Executive Director of the chapter, Lynda Turner, has called for her members to be more active with NAIFA, asking them to join one of NAIFA’s weekly onboarding and orientation Zoom meetings. There was a resounding response to Turner’s request from her members, showing strong support from this chapter’s members to NAIFA. The sessions are held every Monday at 3 p.m. eastern, and a registration form is online at the NAIFA members’ portal.

The New Mexico chapter shows that grassroots are not at just the federal level. The chapter’s Annual Day at the Roundhouse is an event that connects chapter members with their state lawmakers to tell their professional stories and discuss how legislation affects their businesses and clients. This event is just one of many that is conducted, helping spread the message of financial security for all, and how that legislation can affect businesses and clients, encouraging active involvement.

You can learn more about NAIFA’s New Mexico chapter and all of the activities they are doing in the print issue of Advisor Today.

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