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April Is National Financial Literacy Month

Abby Fletcher is the Regional Vice President of E4 Insurance Services and a new NAIFA member.

Within moments of speaking to Abby, her genuine passion for people and finances is incontestable. Her charisma and joy for serving those who come into her path, whether client or advisor, is contagious!

Fletcher first entered the financial services industry 15 years ago as a recruiter for Maxx Financial Partners. She later transitioned into a recruiter wholesaler at the company, then moved to ING as a Sales Coordinator, from there she became a Senior Recruiter and Head of Sales Recruiting at Voya Financial. Fletcher later served as a Director of Relationship Development for Simplicity Life for two years. She recently stepped into her current role as Regional Vice President at E4 Insurance, where she works with advisors throughout the United States and provides insurance solutions. The center of each of these roles—serving people.

When asked what she enjoys most about her career in the industry, she says, “The people I work with and the audience we serve. I’m surrounded by highly capable colleagues with matched values. We thrive while helping Americans have brighter financial futures. You often hear how the financial industry is gigantic, yet often we joke that it’s like a small family.  We may change companies and jerseys but are all still on the team.  I continue to work alongside my brothers and sisters that I’ve known my entire career.  It’s fantastic.” She says this job allows her to “build relationships beyond finances.”

Fletcher was formerly a part of NAIFA while she was in the role of recruiting at Voya. She said, “my goal was to connect with others in the industry, but also to connect advisors that had recently joined VOYA to NAIFA so that they were invested in a professional association to better themselves. It was unique because it was a carrier position.” She says, “I’m now with a firm that highly regards NAIFA and encourages participation,” which is no surprise to Fletcher. She is thrilled to be back for the same reasons she previously recommended NAIFA and continues to recommend NAIFA, for the “comradery and inspiration, both personal and professional.”

NAIFA's Advocacy is also of high importance on her list of reasons to join NAIFA. She says, “the advocacy side of NAIFA has a lot to do with legislation regarding the products that we offer. NAIFA allows you to be close to people making decisions at a legislative level.” Fletcher says, “being a part of NAIFA is like being a part of an insurance family…Not only is it a highly respected organization that encourages friend-making and expanding your knowledge, but it’s also a family that participates in advocating for you in your industry.”

When asked why she would recommend this career to someone, Fletcher says, "I'm a big believer in planning. I get so much joy from it. I love knowing that we can look at something that hasn't been designed yet and is just a dream, but we get to find solutions that have the potential to make that dream a reality." She says, "if you're a planner, this is a good job for you. It's constantly evolving to the needs of American savers and the people that are attracted to this industry are the people that are sales driven but also have mirrored values on making an impact through planning."

Fletcher was given advice early on in her career that has influenced how she leads in her organization and approaches client relationships. She says, “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care. This is especially true during our current environment. Naturally, our industry is full of people that care, and as financial professionals, we have the experience and solutions and are always thrilled to share! I lead with heart and then provide solutions." Anyone who has spent even a small amount of time in conversation with Fletcher can attest that her words ring true. She shows a genuine level of care and interest, and truly impacts those in her path.

Welcome back to NAIFA, Abby! We are honored that you’re here.



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