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April Is National Financial Literacy Month

Bryan Smith is a financial services representative at Capstone Financial, LLC, and a new NAIFA member. After spending just a few minutes with Bryan, you’ll quickly find that he is in this business to serve.

Formerly, Smith worked for the state of Florida to manage the state’s portfolio of student loans; He desired a career that would enable him to make a more personal impact. While working with the financial advisor who assisted Smith and his wife since the beginning of their marriage, Smith realized that he always enjoyed their meetings. He had worked in finance for ten years when he decided to make a change. He said, “I got to a point where I wanted to make a difference in people’s lives and felt God leading me in the direction of financial services, so I decided to jump on it!”

Corey Mathews, NAIFA Vice President of Member and Chapter Services, introduced Smith to NAIFA. Smith said, "I’ve known Corey for a couple of years. After he started his career at NAIFA, he began sharing more information with me about the organization. He would ask me about any concerns or issues I was interested in or felt needed to be addressed.”

To Bryan, being a financial advisor is about more than just offering financial guidance, it’s about helping people where they are. He recalled a time when he assisted a recent widow. He said, “her husband handled all of the finances, and she came to me unsure of what to do. She was lost. I was grateful for the opportunity not only to help with the financial side of things but to be there to give the support and comfort that she needed.” Bryan said, “When you get into a situation like that, you realize the chance you have to truly impact someone’s life. I can honestly say that’s why I got into this business. It’s not about the money but changing lives and lifting burdens.”

Early in his career, Bryan was given advice that shapes the way he approaches each day. He was told, “Don’t focus on the failures of yesterday. Each day you wake up is a new day.” He says, “There have been some tough days where I’ve had every appointment canceled, or I’ve been working on something for months and received the news that I’ve been declined, and I think about the conversation I’ll need to have with my client. That advice is what keeps me motivated in this career. Shake it off and start fresh each day.”

Bryan recommends NAIFA for many reasons. He says, “not only do they keep us informed, but NAIFA advocates on behalf of all financial advisors. Without the advocacy piece, that could significantly affect our careers.” He also appreciates the personal touch he’s received. He says, “Everyone that I’ve met has been wonderful. They’ll call and check in on me. ‘How are you doing? Is there anything I can do for you?’ They allow me to voice any concerns I have, and I really appreciate that.”

Welcome to NAIFA, Bryan!



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