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June Is National Annuity
Awareness Month


For Glenn Walker, providing guidance and hope to his community is what it’s all about. 

Getting Started

When Walker entered the financial services industry, he already knew the importance of planning ahead. Two years earlier, his father passed away from lung cancer without life insurance. He saw his family’s financial struggles and knew he needed to do something to help families like his own. He prayed for an opportunity to be a part of something bigger than himself and found that opportunity at Primerica.

Making a Difference

Now, Walker works with public servants—police officers, nurses, veterans, and more—who commit put the needs of others above their own and are often overlooked. He takes the time to educate his clients on financial planning, helping each find the best option for their unique situation and providing them with hope for the future. “It's truly important to be that guiding light for people,” he says. He talks about a recent experience when he was able to provide that hope. A few months ago, he helped a retired veteran free up $700 per month and plan for her estate so that her children will be taken care of when she passes.

Joining NAIFA

Becoming a NAFIA member was an easy decision for Walker. He wanted to be a part of an organization working to protect Main Street Americans and to network with other like-minded professionals. “If I want to be in this industry, I need to be around people that are in this industry as well,” he says. “I'm definitely glad to be a part of NAIFA and helping move forward the cause.”

In the Community

Between spending time with his family and volunteering in his community, Walker stays busy. He has two children, ages 3 and 1, and he and his wife are expecting their third child any day. 

Walker volunteers with veteran organizations in Houston. He helps with outreach to inform veterans about the organizations and resources available to them and, for the past year, he’s been helping raise funds to build a veterans’ museum in Houston. 

Thank you, Glenn, for your hard work and dedication. We look forward to a bright future in the association for you and are #NAIFAproud to call you one of our own.




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