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May Is Disability Insurance Awareness Month

Kim Braud is a woman of many talents. An entrepreneur, philanthropist, and community leader, she focuses her efforts on serving underserved communities as Managing Partner of Jayde Life Investment Group, President of Grand Champions Foundation, and Founder and Owner of the candle company Fleurty Wick.

Getting Started

Braud’s career in the insurance industry can be traced back to her father—a racecar driver and enthusiast. She learned about cars from her father and used that expertise to become a trainer with Nationwide Insurance. Over the years, she played several roles, including training, marketing, sales, and community outreach. When she founded the boutique candle manufacturing company Fleurty Wick, she didn’t think she would ever go back to insurance. Then, a mutual friend introduced her to LA Lakers player Dwight Howard.

Howard was drafted into the NBA straight out of high school, and like most kids did not receive any formal financial education. He wants to help other professional athletes maintain and grow their nest egg. “His vision is helping athletes to build and accumulate wealth,” says Braud. “But he also wants to be sure that their families were taken care of, and that they understand that they should be in a good financial space as well.”

Serving Main Street USA

Braud’s mission is to educate Americans on the dramatic difference having sufficient insurance coverage has on families. “In the African-American community, we don't really prioritize insurance,” says Braud. “So, helping people understand the need critical for insurance, helping them identify the proper products for the insurance, assuring that their families are well taken care of and that they're building a legacy is really exciting for me.”

With Jayde Life, Braud and her team assist professional athletes and high net worth individuals find the right insurance product for them. In 2021, Dwight Howard also founded the Grand Champions Foundation to reach Main Street Americans. Under Kim’s leadership, Grand Champions provides financial literacy education, among several other services, to young men and single mothers.  The organization will soon offer a free term life insurance policy for single mothers as well. The foundation has renovated basketball courts in California and coordinated toy giveaways in low-income neighborhoods. 

Howard’s status as a globally respected icon helps the organization reach more families and help more Americans. “When you know that you put someone in a place where they and their families can do well, you can go to sleep at night knowing that you did your best,” she says.

Joining NAIFA

Braud was introduced to NAIFA through loyal NAIFA member Rod Liptrot when he was assisting with Jayde Life. Braud always wanted to be a part of an organization that worked with legislators to affect change. As a small business owner, the ability to be involved in shaping policy was appealing to her. When Braud attended her first NAIFA meeting and found the members friendly and welcoming, she knew she had found the right place.

Outside of the Office

Braud is an avid golfer and loves traveling to golf courses around the world. Between running her business and non-profit organizations, she doesn’t have much time to play, but she is a member of two women’s golf leagues in Atlanta.

Thank you, Kim, for your hard work and dedication. We look forward to a bright future in the association for you and are #NAIFAproud to call you one of our own.



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