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I Love NAIFA Month Hero


February Is I Love NAIFA Month

Stephanie Tulley is all about helping others reach their full potential.

Tulley, like many, got into the insurance industry inadvertently, but she soon grew to love her work. Starting as a receptionist at a State Farm agency in 2015, she soon moved to sales, management, and consulting. Now, she manages one of the top State Farm agencies in the Tampa Bay area and runs her own consultancy agency, The Insurance Advisory, to edify other insurance professionals and help them move forward in their careers.

Tulley is motivated by the ever-changing nature of insurance, from changes in the law to changes in public policy. “I always like to learn,” she says, “I will learn everything and do everything so I can be an expert to my clients, then also the people that I help build within our great industry.”  

Tulley also appreciates being in an industry with minority representation. “There are a lot of people in my industry that look just like me, but who are either hitting the demographic of being female or hitting the demographic of being an African Black American woman or young.” She continues, “It’s just great to be a part of a community where – yes, it’s underrepresented – but there are a lot of great minorities in this industry, and it leaves a lot of room to grow.”  

Tulley was drawn to NAIFA because of our advocacy and the involvement of other State Farm representatives in NAIFA, specifically the recommendation from Joanne Dauphin, Treasurer of the Tampa Bay Chapter. She has a keen interest in policymaking and is currently working to create a nonprofit organization to help underprivileged youth. “There's a privilege that you take for granted until you meet these kids,” she says. “There needs to be something to educate and help them." 

In her free time, Tulley enjoys playing tennis, traveling, and learning about taxidermy. Having spent her childhood at the New York Museum of Natural History, Tulley feeds her curiosity by learning about the natural world. She talks about that thirst for knowledge in much the same way as she talks about her passion for helping people.  

While she works with a variety of people, Tulley's niche is working with business owners. Her expertise, she says, is twofold. She works not only to help agents meet the needs of their clients, but also to help meet the needs of the agents themselves. “I'm helping those agents as they are also business owners," she explains.  

Tulley says a highlight of her career so far was helping a fellow agent get started in the insurance business last year. He was hesitant to leave his comfort zone, but Tulley encouraged him to take a risk. "He was able to take that jump, take a risk,” she recalls, “I was able to train him, develop him, and turn him into one of the top-producing independent agents. So, it means more to me that he had success beyond my success and that made me feel beyond happy.” 

Thank you, Stephanie Tulley, for your hard work and dedication. We look forward to a bright future in the association for you and are #NAIFAproud to call you one of our own. 



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