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NAIFA Members Provide Financial Independence

For Tori Chaulk, insurance runs in the family—it just skipped a few generations. Her great-grandmother was an insurance agent with Farm Bureau, and she was fascinated by it when she was growing up. So, when she graduated from the University of Tennessee, she decided to give it a try. 

Being an insurance agent turned out to be a perfect fit for Chaulk. She loves meeting new people every day and helping them find the right solutions for their unique situations. At Trey Bowen Legacy Insurance and Globe Life, she helps her clients with life insurance and property and casualty insurance. She’s especially passionate about life insurance, even though it can be a hard topic to talk about with clients. “[Life insurance] is the guaranteed insurance that you're going to use,” she says. “So, I’d rather help somebody plan for their family after they're not here rather than it be too late.”

Chaulk talks about one experience when she saw the impact of her work. She was working on a life insurance policy for a client with a family history of cancer. They chose a policy with a cancer supplemental plan, just in case. The policy was placed, and the woman went on about her life. When it was time to renew the plan, Chaulk’s client let her know she had been diagnosed with melanoma. The woman had forgotten about the supplemental plan and was relieved to find out she could get the cancer treatment she needed without amassing medical debt—her plan paid out every time she went to the doctor.

When it comes to her career, Chaulk is in it for the long haul. She knows the statistics of new agents’ attrition rates after their first year in the industry. Now approaching her third year, she’s proven her dedication to her career and her clients and there’s no end in sight. So, when she attended a NAIFA-TN meeting earlier this year, she knew it was the right place for her. One of the speakers, loyal NAIFA member Brandon Rippy, LUTCF, spoke plainly, saying, “If you're not serious about the industry, you don’t join NAIFA. If you are, you join.” At that meeting, Chaulk was able to connect with other NAIFA members who welcomed her into the NAIFA family.

When she’s not working, Chaulk enjoys spending time with her fiancé and taking care of cattle at their cow-calf farm. She stays active in her community, volunteering with 4H and Future Farmers of America (FFA) and helping out in any way she can.

Thank you, Tori, for your hard work and dedication. We look forward to a bright future in the association for you and are #NAIFAproud to call you one of our own.



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