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NAIFA Members Provide Financial Independence

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NAIFA Helped Me Build a Strong Agency

By Christine Cusatis on 11/22/11 1:25 PM

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I’ve been a NAIFA member since 1977. As a new agent, NAIFA provided me with strong mentors, fellow NAIFA members who were willing to provide guidance in the profession not only to assure my own personal growth in knowledge, but my ethical standards as well.

There were many times that I called on seasoned NAIFA members for assistance or ideas in how to best care for my clients, and they were more than willing to assist me. In addition, the encouragement to become a student of LUTC made a strong difference in my career. LUTC, the brain child of NAIFA, heightened my awareness of opportunities that I had previously not been familiar with. My income and confidence grew as I moved forward through LUTC.

NAIFA has directed me through the years in continuing my professional education and helped me develop confidence in not only my professional life, but my personal life as well. The Leadership in Life Institute (LILI), a members-only leadership program through NAIFA, has helped me build a better business plan to strengthen my agency, as well as assure an orderly exodus come retirement time.

In addition to educating me in my younger years, NAIFA’s Advocacy efforts have always been at the forefront, protecting my career and the interest of my clients. Our organization was founded on advocacy and continues to protect my business and my client’s financial future.

I guess you could say that NAIFA is family to me, always there when I need them.

Van B. Land, LUTCF, RFC
Grovetown, GA
NAIFA Member



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