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I Love NAIFA Month Hero


February Is I Love NAIFA Month

By Robert Miller, M.A., M.S.
2011-12 NAIFA President

As NAIFA members, the award-winning Advisor Today has been a “must read” for a very long time. Where else can you turn to for practical advice, industry news and valuable ideas and strategies to succeed in such a tough economy. Starting today, the Advisor Today Blog will offer even more of those critical resources, more often.

To help you navigate through the AT Blog, we’ve organized the content according to four categories: It Pays to be a Member, Grow Your Business, Protect Your Business, and People News. Under these categories, each blog post will offer unique perspective on how NAIFA delivers value to you as a member, how NAIFA helps you grow your business, and how NAIFA protects you through our vital advocacy efforts. The fourth category – People News – is dedicated to recognizing you -- your accomplishments and contributions -- to your clients and community. In your professional roles, many of you are the public face of financial services in your community, so we want to hear when you are being recognized for making a difference in your towns and cities, large and small. Send news and photos about NAIFA members’ awards and other recognitions to Ayo Mseka, Editor of Advisor Today at amseka@naifa.org.

With the launch of the AT Blog, I’m looking forward to creating a lively and engaging forum about all things NAIFA. NAIFA means something different to everyone, but one thing we all appreciate is the opportunity to learn from each other. Read the AT Blog and post in the comment section regularly. It’s a great way for us to continue to learn from each other and to stay in touch throughout the year.

Welcome to the AT Blog. I look forward to our conversations.


Robert Miller, M.A., M.S., is president of NAIFA and a partner at Miller-Pomerantz in New York City.



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