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June Is National Annuity
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NAIFA’s advocacy work is keeping me in business.

By NAIFA on 8/6/12 9:04 AM

There is no other organization that is on watch for us the way NAIFA is. NAIFA gives me the opportunity to interact with legislators on the state and federal level. The amount I pay for my NAIFA membership is not in proportion to what I receive – in advocacy work alone.

But NAIFA does much more for me. I remember being in a slump many years ago. My application production was down. Because of NAIFA, I was in contact with non-State Farm agents. They shared ideas with me and I came back to the office feeling reenergized and refocused. NAIFA enables us to share ideas in a very free and welcoming environment.

We have a wonderful world within State Farm, but like any company we are isolated in some ways and don’t get some of the outside training that our NAIFA colleagues do. For example, The RegEd unlimited CE courses through NAIFA for only $29.95 per year is a tremendous value, particularly since State Farm no longer offers CE.

NAIFA ia tremendous opportunity for tools and contacts from outside our day-to-day world and to learn from and network with other agents around the country.

Lisa Laliberte, CLU, ChFC, CASL
State Farm Insurance Companies
Lewiston, ME
NAIFA Member Since 1997




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