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NAIFA Members Provide Financial Independence

In a panel discussion on Tuesday, Sept. 11, three advisors described how they use LIFE’s education and marketing materials to use in their practice and emphasize the importance of Life Insurance Awareness Month (LIAM).

Beginning with Paul L. Farr, he told the audience that clients like to buy, but don’t want to be sold to. One way he avoids the ‘selling’ process is by using LIFE’s app, LIFE Happens. LIFE Happens has questionnaires that clients can fill out on their own, with their own numbers, to find out how much insurance they need based on their lives and income. Because the app is through a third-party, the client is shown an unbiased total of what they need, and will go into meetings with that knowledge already in place.

Farr puts the link to the app or LIFE’s website, www.lifehappens.com, on his Facebook page, on LinkedIn and in the signature line of outgoing emails.

Brock Jolly then took the stage to go over the important impact the LIFE realLIFE video stories have had on his practice. Jolly has the realLIFE stories playing in the reception area of his office, so every client that comes in is immediately charged by these videos. He also emails links to specific videos to clients who are going through similar issues, so they will feel less helpless and know insurance is the best choice.

Another tool he uses for business insurance is the LIFE’s brochure “Taking Care of Business.” Because of the third party, non-profit tools, clients trust their advisors more often.

The last speaker was Joe Templin, who said the entire job of sales individuals is to educate and motivate clients. Again, he spoke highly of the realLIFE videos.

“The realLIFE videos do more work and tell better stories than we do,” Templin said.

He also emphasized the importance of using LIAM to your advantage, i.e., “Since its Life Insurance Awareness Month, I’m renewing my coverage. Why aren’t you?”

In the end, using the LIFE website, www.lifehappens.com, or Lifeideas.org, you will be able to generate ideas and have sales resulting from them. There are PDFs, videos and insurance calculators available for use by LIFE.



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