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June Is National Annuity
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NAIFA Statement on the Election

By NAIFA on 11/7/12 12:03 PM

NAIFA President Robert O. Smith issued the following statement on the Nov. 6 federal election:

"Yesterday the American people spoke and re-elected President Obama for another term while maintaining the status quo in the House and Senate. The President has many tough challenges ahead but he has also pledged to represent all Americans.

"The election results tell us that our country remains sharply divided over how to move forward. NAIFA members serve main street. We have been vocal in our desire for modifications to the new health care law to better serve middle America. We are eager to work with the Administration and Congress in a nonpartisan manner to develop workable policies and legislative solutions.

"With a NAIFA member in every congressional district, NAIFA stands ready to build new relationships and strengthen existing connections in order to establish a basic level of understanding among all members of Congress about the value of insurance protection and financial planning.

"If the lame duck session is successful in avoiding the fiscal cliff, the resolution is not likely to permanently address the most significant tax and economic issues. Comprehensive reform will remain a challenge for a divided Congress to address. In addition to in-district meetings, NAIFA members will come to Washington in April to explain the financial security and peace of mind that our products provide to 75 million American families while also serving as an economic break wall for government safety nets such as Social Security. The products we offer and the services we provide are clearly the solutions, not the problems. That will be our message."





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