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NAIFA Members Provide Financial Independence

The practice of Clint Fish, RFC, has grown significantly since he won Advisor Today’s Four Under Forty Award in 2009. We recently caught up with Fish and learned about his company’s successes, his plans for the future, and why he thinks NAIFA membership is so valuable.

Advisor Today: Are you still with First American Trust & First American Advisory, focusing on investments?

Clint Fish, RFCClint Fish: We continue to develop and expand our technology. We are using some amazing tools to prepare client reports, analyze portfolios, manage client relationships and build customized client portfolios that can automatically rebalance. We use a variety of tools. The real trick is to get these systems to integrate and make creating, evaluating, monitoring and reporting as seamless and as automatic as possible.

AT: How has your practice changed since you won the award?

Fish: Since 2009 when I was honored to be recognized by Advisor Today, First American Trust has changed. We have focused and grown the investment advisory side of the business. Those changes took effect 1/1/2010 and have been a key to our growth and prosperity.

2011 was a record year for us, and in 2012, we continued to develop and expand our investment advisory services. All of these efforts have also had a very positive effect on our investment brokerage and insurance revenues.

AT: What advice would you give to advisors who are just beginning their careers?

Fish: I would advise them to work with a company that has good sales training programs and learn how to prospect. Over time, they will learn the business and the products but they really need good training, and those trainers and managers will make the best mentors to them.

AT: Would you advise them to join NAIFA?

Fish: Absolutely. It is invaluable and the value is often something you just can't put on paper. AT NAIFA, you will meet other professionals, have access to training, have opportunities to get involved in the political process and meet congressmen and senators. You will also learn Roberts Rules of Order for meetings and a whole host of other valuable business skills. You will find a safe place to learn and develop your leadership skills by serving on committees, hosting events and serving on the Board as an officer.

For example, when I began to consider seriously finding a business opportunity in the West Palm Beach Florida area, the first thing I did was to contact the local NAIFA chapter and meet with several members who have been very proactive in helping me build a business in the area.

They invited me to attend a board meeting so I could meet a lot of people at once. At that meeting I met some of the State leadership people who also began to help me. These are things NAIFA doesn't put in a benefits brochure, but they are very valuable in your career.

Nominate a rising star now!

If you know a NAIFA member like Clint who is making a difference in his or her profession and community, nominate him or her for the Four Under Forty Award today. To nominate someone, download the form here (PDF) or use the nomination form in the January/February issue of Advisor Today.

Don’t hesitate. Send in your nomination form today–your candidate might be just the one who has what it takes to join the ranks of the Four Under Forty!


By Tara Heuser
Advisor Today



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