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Insurance Services Group, Inc.  is now part of NAIFA’s Independent  Advisors Partnership Program.

“I am a great believer in NAIFA and its ability to help agents and financial advisors come together and build valuable relationships,” notes Brendon DeRouin, CLU, President of Insurance Services Group in Wisconsin. “As advisors opt for the independent route, many of them tend to lose
relationships with colleagues and others in the field. The ability of NAIFA to help them build and maintain these relationships is one of the association’s greatest benefits.”

DeRouin has been a member of NAIFA since 2007, and is quick to point out that the more time he has spent as a NAIFA member, the more rooted is his belief in NAIFA and what it can do for producers. He is an avid supporter of NAIFA and plays an active role in the Boards of his state and local associations.

Under the Partnership, Insurance Services Group will pay the yearly dues for the following year for any agent or advisor who does ten $1,000 target premium life insurance cases, ten $25,000 annuity cases or a total of ten combined $1,000 life and $25,000 annuity cases. DeRouin sees the partnership as another way to build and nurture relationships. “It is a win-win situation that will help everyone involved,” he says.

Insurance Services Group, Inc. is a full-service insurance Wholesale Firm and Marketing Organization, which provides independent insurance professionals and registered representatives with service, support and product diversification. It lives up to its tag line, Making Life Simple, by helping producers find the correct solution for their clients’ needs and problems. The firm currently works with about 500 producers in the Midwest.

You may contact Insurance Services Group about this opportunity at 800-661-5415.




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