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Financial Planning Month-October

October is Financial Planning Month

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All Things Government Relations

By NAIFA on 9/6/14 2:43 PM

Topics: NAIFA

In an interactive workshop, led by Todd Johnson, Joe Pittman, and Diane Boyle, NAIFA local and state executive explored three ways to take government relations to the next level.

Political Involvement Committee

APIC is about building long-term relationships between members and lawmakers with a goal of inspiring lawmakers to consider NAIFA’s point of view on issues that affect insurance and financial advisors and their clients. The executives discussed characteristics of a member who could effectively relate to an elected official. Several common themes emerged:

  • Sincerity
  • Be a constituent
  • Be knowledgeable about issues
  • Good communication skills
  • Knowing the legislator
  • Be willing to work on or contribute to the campaign

Next the executives considered steps to prepare a member to discuss an issue. Suggestions included:

  • Encourage real life stories
  • Background on legislator
  • Leave behind

Finally, the executives brainstormed about what a member should and should not do when meeting with lawmakers:

  • Stick to NAIFA message
  • Be respectful
  • Do not mention campaign contributions

Political Action Committee

The panel told the executives that IFAPAC is about supporting those who believe what we believe and creatively raising funds for a lawmaker based on a cause or belief. The panel challenged working groups of the executives to come up with an imaginative way to raise $10,000 for IFAPAC from noncontributing members over three days. Ideas included:

  • Challenge agencies and companies to challenge each other – similar to the ice bucket challenge – with a prize for winning agency.
  • Create a competition between local NAIFA associations. The winner would get to choose the president from another local to accept a challenge or perform a stunt (such as sky diving)
  • Hold an exclusive event for IFAPAC donors with a celebrity or at a sporting event.

Member Communications of Government Relations

Finally, the panel discussed tools available through NAIFA on www.naifa.org that executives can use to communicate NAIFA’s advocacy mission to members. These include:

  • Issue papers
  • NAIFA Advocacy Victories paper
  • GovCommunications – newsletter, emails and action alerts on important issues





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