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May Is Disability Insurance Awareness Month

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In Step With a Winner: Jay Grubb

By NAIFA on 3/12/15 2:20 PM

In the almost seven years since Jay Grubb won Advisor Today’s Four Under Forty Award, he has grown both personally and professionally. When Advisor Today caught up with Grubb recently, he explained how his practice has grown over the years, and what he has done to stay ahead.

Advisor Today: When you won the Four Under Forty Award in 2008, you were president of Key Financial Partners, specializing in high-net-worth planning, business planning and retirement planning. Are you still focused on these areas?

Jay Grubb:  I am president of Key Financial Partners.  My areas of focus are still high-net-worth professionals, business owners and professional athletes. I do financial and retirement planning for them.

Advisor Today: What has changed in your practice since 2008?

Grubb: The practice has continued to evolve.  I have brought in retired athletes who now work as financial advisors. In fact, several of them will be coming on board soon.

Advisor Today: What has allowed you to continue forward on the path to success?

Grubb: My practice has grown a lot over the years. To separate myself from other advisors, I have teamed up with other professionals, such as CPAs as well as tax, legal and other professionals. Some of the financial folks I have partnered with do only investments for their clients; so, I go in and take care of the insurance for their clients. Using these centers of influence has helped me significantly as I continue to build my practice.

Advisor Today: What role has NAIFA played in your success?

Grubb: Through NAIFA, I have met other agents and advisors with whom I have built some valuable relationships. The Four Under Forty award has helped me build credibility in the industry--with other NAIFA members as well as with the public. It has been a great benefit to me.

Advisor Today: What important lessons have you learned over the years?

Grubb: The best lesson is that you have to adapt your business year by year and stay abreast of all the tax laws, marketing trends and technological developments because our industry is constantly changing. You have to keep up or you will be left behind.

Advisor Today: What is the number one piece of advice you have for newcomers to the industry?

Grubb: Remember that joint work is key in expanding your practice and moving ahead.




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