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Financial Planning Month-October

October is Financial Planning Month

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NAIFA 20/20 Task Force Will Put Association on Course for a Successful Future

By NAIFA on 10/27/15 12:32 PM


Since I joined NAIFA four months ago, I’ve devoted a lot of time listening, learning and discussing all things related to NAIFA. I’ve reached out to state and local leaders, members, corporate partners and sister organizations to gather information, look for synergies and explore possibilities that will ensure NAIFA is a vibrant, thriving, indispensable association in 2020 and beyond.

At NAIFA’s Career Conference and Annual Meeting last month, I had the pleasure of addressing the National Council on the Main Stage. I told this audience how impressed I was that NAIFA has served in so many roles: innovator, educator, advocate and protector.

Despite NAIFA’s many successes over 125 years, we must now confront the twin realities of a shrinking membership base and declining revenue. It’s time to change course.

Last week, a dedicated group of members, leaders and executives convened in Falls Church to begin the work of the NAIFA 20/20 Task Force. Led by NAIFA President Jules Gaudreau and Task Force Chairman Dave Beaty, the Task Force will spend many hours over the next few months discussing, deliberating and determining a new direction for NAIFA that will put us on a path to success and sustainability.

The result of the Task Force will be development of a five-year strategic plan called NAIFA 20/20. As NAIFA members, you will have an opportunity to participate in the process when the first draft of the plan is available for review in mid-November on NAIFA.org. We will notify the membership when the plan is posted, and we hope you will send us your comments on both the first and second draft, due in mid-December. From November through January 2016, the NAIFA 20/20 Task Force will read your comments, revise the drafts accordingly and propose a final strategic plan to the board for approval in early February.

The timeline is tight, but this sense of urgency has purpose. For 125 years, NAIFA has been committed to building and advancing a profession that nurtures informed, educated and ethical professionals like you. In recent years, our members have had to redefine and reinvent the value they provide their clients in the face of changing market and financial forces. I am certain NAIFA too will respond to the complex environment we now live in by building a new business model that will allow our Federation to remain the consistent, relentless and unified voice of the industry. Together, we will succeed.

Please look for updates on NAIFA 20/20 in the “About NAIFA” section on NAIFA.org (under Mission & Vision).




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