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June Is National Annuity Awareness Month

Are you leaving money on the table?

If you aren’t nurturing and engaging with your leads and clients, the answer is yes. According to Invesp, “Companies that excel at lead nurturing generate 50% more sales-ready leads at a 33% lower cost.”

Lead generation is only the first step in a well-rounded, efficient marketing plan. To maximize your lead generating efforts, you need to interact with those leads and connect with your clients. If you don’t keep in touch with them, they’re likely to forget about you, and that leaves the door wide open for your competition to creep in. 

Here are 5 ways to get the most out of your leads and keep in touch with the clients you have using White Glove’s Nurture and Engage programs:

1) Branded Social Media Postings

Stay relevant and top of mind with branded social media postings. As you start generating leads and growing your social media presence, it is important that your new followers are seeing your name, not the name of other content creators. Using content, you curate from all across the web to entertain your audience can be effective, but subscribing to a tool that allows you to brand that content with your own business name and logo is a key piece that many financial advisors are missing.

2) Ungated Content

While on the topic of social media postings, if you are sharing articles from third-party publications, make sure these articles are ungated. Nothing kills engagement like clicking on an article you find interesting only to be subjected to a pop-up ad demanding you become a subscriber to read it. You only have a split second to appeal to your followers before they scroll on. Don’t let gated articles ruin the client experience.

3) Dedicated Email Campaigns

Your leads are not “one size fits all,” and your email campaigns shouldn’t be either. Stand out as a thought leader with email content that’s tailored to your leads. The email you send to someone who just attended one of your workshops on Social Security shouldn’t be the same email you send to someone who registered but didn’t attend your College Planning webinar six months ago. Know your audience before sending out an email campaign, and make sure that the information you are delivering is relevant to their interests.

4) Engaging Newsletters

 You don’t always have to talk about finance--in fact, we discourage it! Use a mix of financial and non-financial content to engage your reader. If you are sending a newsletter to your clients who are nearing retirement age, include a few articles about travel and hobbies. If you are appealing to the next generation of investors, sprinkle in some content about work/life balance. The more you show that you understand your clients’ needs, the more likely they will trust you with their finances.  

 5) Widespread Content

Don’t rely on one medium or platform to nurture and engage your leads and clients. To stay top of mind, you must be consistent and thorough. In the United States, 82% of people (13 years and older) are on some type of social media platform, spending upwards of 2 hours a day on social media (Backlinko). If you are not posting frequently on multiple platforms, you could be losing clients to competitors who are.

Staying top of mind in a digital world isn’t difficult but finding the time and experimenting with marketing techniques can be. We understand this and have created a system to generate leads, nurture those leads and engage with your clients--all done for you. Save time and become a thought leader with done-for-you marketing built by advisors, for advisors. For more information on our Quadruple Guaranteed solutions, visit www.whiteglove.com.

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